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Veronica is an urban legend from Mexico about a scary game teenagers play to contact the ghost of a girl who died. By playing the game, she can be summoned and will appear in a mirror and answer questions about love or predict the date of your death. In Spain, it is known as “Nueve Veces Veronica” (9 Times Veronica). They say that this ritual is similar to Bloody Mary.


The Legend of Veronica

According to the legend, Veronica was a teenage girl who came from a small village. She was playing a paranormal ritual with her friends in an abandoned house at night. The ritual they were performing involved using a scissors and a bible to contact the spirits of the dead. It was called “El Juego de la Tijeras y el Libro” (The Game of the Scissors and the Book).

As most people know, spiritualism is extremely dangerous and should never be treated as a joke. Veronica did not follow the rules of this ritual. She taunted the spirits throughout the invocation.

All of a sudden, the ribbon snapped and the bible fell to the ground. The pair of scissors came alive and flew through the air, stabbing Veronica in the neck. Her friends were powerless to help. The terrified girls screamed and fled in terror.

When they came back later, they found Veronica’s body lying in a pool of blood on the ground. She had been stabbed to death. In one hand, she was clutching the bible and in the other, she was clutching the bloody scissors that was embedded in her neck.

They say Veronica’s spirit is unable to rest in peace. Because she died during a paranormal ritual, her spirit remains trapped between the world of the living and the world of the dead. They say she is doomed to take revenge against those who do not have respect for the dead.


The Game of Veronica

To play the game of Veronica, you need at least two people. You also need the following:

1. A book (preferably a bible, preferably hardcover)
2. A pair of scissors
3. A ribbon or a piece of string (preferably red)
4. A dark room with a mirror (preferably a bathroom)

Step 1: Thread the ribbon through the holes in the handle of the scissors and wrap it around the scissors, so that it is tightly closed.

Step 2: Open the book to the middle pages and place the scissors on the page. Close the book, so that the handle of the scissors is sticking out the bottom. The ends of the ribbon should be sticking out at the top.

Step 3: Go into the bathroom, close the door and turn off the lights.

Step 4: Light a candle and place it in front of the mirror. Place the book in front of the mirror too, with the handle of the scissors facing towards you.

Step 5: Two people stand in front of the mirror and each places their index finger through one hole in the handle of the scissors.

Step 6: Close your eyes and repeat out loud, nine times, “Veronica”.

You may now open your eyes and ask Veronica questions. The questions you ask should only be about love or death.

If you have managed to contact Veronica, she will reply by moving the scissors to the right or to the left.

To the right means “Yes” and to the left means “No”.

Warning: This game is very dangerous and if something goes wrong, it could prove to be fatal. There have been reports of the scissors flying out of the book and stabbing people in the chest or the eyes. There are also reports that any knife or sharp implement nearby could suddenly shoot out and embed itself in the neck of the victim. So if you choose to play this game, be very, very careful…


Three Times Veronica

There is also a way to get Veronica to show herself. If a young girl who is “pure” (a virgin) stands naked in front of a mirror at midnight with a candle in her hand, and says the name three times (Veronica! Veronica! Veronica!) she will appear.

If you are successful, you will no longer see your reflection in the mirror. According to those who have seen her, an image will emerge of the face of a young woman, with a pale white complexion, dark eyes and long black hair.

In this method, the only question you can ask Veronica is about the identity of your true love. She will tell you his name and his face will appear in the mirror. However, calling Veronica in this way carries a curse. The girl who does this will die immediately after meeting her true love in real life, who will appear a few days after ​​the invocation.

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  • The second version sounds so sad. Meeting your true love but not being able to be with them. I would cry if that happened

  • Many people are asking why they have to stand naked.
    You’ll have to do it in order to reassure Veronica that you are pure and you don’t need your clothes…? Just guessing…

  • How the heck are you supposed to end the encounter Just like, yeah. Okay, bye… Just gonna leave you watching me in a dark room with my back to you in my mirror.

  • me:(does whole veronica thing) ok now im just gonna leave all my knives on the counter by the mirror. knives fly for my head so mirror gets busted haha two can play at that… but seriously I wouldn’t do the whole 3 veronica first I don’t get naked in front of mirror second I aint gonna die if I run into the true I mean what if dating him and the next hes all like honey im home I drop dead

  • Second pic looks kinda weird…pretty stupid too…dying right after meeting ur supposed “true love.”

  • Lol, i like the second part…….
    But why naked!
    I don’t get it…..
    Well… Pervert veronica :-D

  • The last part is useless… why bother to find out if you’re gonna die after meeting him anyway? But either way, the Game of Veronica sounds cool. Heck, who am I kidding? I’d never do that.

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