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Sara Sarita

Sara Sarita

Sara Sarita is a scary game played by kids and teenagers in Mexico. It involves contacting the ghosts of two young girls who were murdered. In Mexico, the game is known as “El Juego de Sara Sarita” and it is similar to the Charlie Charlie Pencil Game. They say that a number of kids in Mexico had to go to a psychiatrist or were placed in mental asylums after playing this because they didn’t end the game properly.

Sara Sarita

To play Sara Sarita, you just need two players and two coins of the same value.

Step 1: The two of you sit on the ground, facing each other and holding a coin in your hand.

Step 2: Both of you say out loud, “Sara Sarita, can I enter your game?”

Step 3: Throw the coin over your head so that it lands on the ground behind you.

If the two coins land on heads, it means the answer is “Yes”.
If the two coins land on tails, it means the answer is “No”.
If one lands heads and other lands tails, the answer is “Maybe”.

If you both get “Yes”, you can begin the game and ask Sara and Sarita questions. Throw the coin over your head and you will get your answer.

It is important to end this game properly or, they say, bad things will happen. Some people say Sara and Sarita are the ghosts of two murdered girls. Others say they are evil spirits or demons, communicating from Hell.

To exit the game, you need to say, “Sarita Sarita, can I leave your game?” and throw the coin over your head to get the answer. If the answer is “No”, you need to keep trying until you get a “Yes”.

WARNING: Some people have found that this game is very difficult to get out of. There are reports that, even though they did everything properly to end the game, it does not really end. Hours after playing the game and ending it, they get a sense that something is wrong. They say out loud, “Sara Sarita, am I still in your game?” and when they throw the coin over their heads, they get the answer, “YES”. So be careful…

The Legend of Sara Sarita

According to legend, years ago, there were two girls who went to a school in Mexico. One was named Sara and the other was Sarita. They were twin sisters and they were very close. Both of them wore a matching coin on a chain around their neck. They were really quite beautiful. The girls sometimes stayed behind in the afternoon after school for cheerleading practice.

One day, the girls stayed behind after school, but they didn’t realize that practice had been cancelled. The janitor who worked at the school was a creepy weirdo. When he saw one of the girls going into the bathroom on her own, he followed her. Inside, he attacked her and abused her horribly before strangling her to death. When the other girl got worried and went to see what had happened to her twin, she found the janitor standing over the body of her murdered sister.

He attacked her too and she grabbed a shovel that was there and hit him in the head. She kept hitting him until she thought she had killed him. However, when she turned to go for help, he grabbed her and stuffed her head in the water tank, drowning her. He tied a rope around the neck of the other girl and hung her on the bathroom door.

When their bodies were found and the police were called, they thought the girls had gotten into an argument and killed each other. The case was closed and it was dismissed as a murder-suicide. At the time, the girls’ broken chains were found on the floor and the two coins were lying there. One coin was heads and the other was tails. The janitor was never caught for his crime and soon afterwards, he moved away and nobody heard from him again.

Sara Sarita Stories and Experiences

“My sister came home from school and told me she was frightened. When I asked why, she told me it was because of a game that kids in her school were playing. She said it is called “Sara Sarita” and it is played with 2 coins. I got curious because it resembles the game “Charly Charly” and my first thought was that the game was not good… She said when they asked the question, “Can I stop playing?” Sara and Sarita replied “No” and the kids just ended the game without throwing away the coins. My sister warned them, but they ignored her. That night, one of them was in bed and his dog was barking and barking. The next day the dog was dead. My sister is frightened by not knowing what can happen. You do not know whether Sara and Sarita will visit you or something. I think bad things will happen if you abandon the game without closing it. My sister and I are scared.” – Luisiana, a girl from Venezuela.

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  • My friend and I played this game and Sara and Sarita said they might be in my little sisters dolls also once we were done with the game my friend threw her coin on top of my loft bed and now it’s gone we can’t find it

  • I played this game with my friend and it was so scary . We ended the game and then we went and got in the car and I kept reading . Saw what it said about the game isn’t always over , so then me and my friend asked to Sarah Cerita if we were out of her game . She said no we were not out of her Game . It had been an hour or two before we finally got out of her game .

  • After reading this…

    My Brain: It’s scary and stupid.
    My Heart: It’s awesome! Let’s try it, Crystal!
    My Brain: HECK NO! You stupid!
    My Heart: But why not?
    My Brain: Because it’s dangerous!
    My Heart: But what if this ritual is not real? Then it wouldn’t be dangerous!
    My Brain: Then it would be a complete waste of time!
    My Heart: I admit defeat…You win…
    My Brain: Yay!

    That’s how I ended up NOT playing this game.

  • TRIED IT! I got yes for pretty much everything except when I asked “Sara Sarita can I leave your game?” It landed on NO! O.o Creepy…….

  • It says the janitor never get caught for his crime. So how somebody knows that the janitor did it?

  • IDK about this but charlie charlie is fake. I have played it 4 times and it only moved one of the times and I’m pretty sure that was my friends brother..

  • Mental asylum haha…y is there a shovel in the bathroom BTW? Sounds cool…but murder-suicide really? Pssshh…what moronic cops thought that?

  • Ok guys,
    i played the game and here is my experience…
    “sara sarita can i enter ur game: YES(after 6 tries)
    sara sarita is thr going to rain today: MAYBE
    sara sarita am i going to top my class again: MAYBE
    sara sarita am i going to get a girlfriend today: MAYBE
    sara sarita is thr anything u both r sure about:NO
    sara sarita is superman going to hit me with his lazer because he thinks i was the one who was supplying kryptonite to luther: YES :-|
    Sara sarita are both of u r dumbheads: YES
    Sara sarita should we need to end game properly: MAYBE
    (throw out the coins into trash) >:-(

  • It’s stupid actually ’cause coins can have the two exact tails or two exact heads, quite rarely
    and if one head, one tail means yes then why can’t it be considered the same for a no also?? Again, people can make a coin face a head or tail by practice… So this is really a stupid game… And maybe the dog was sick and died… People need not connect a dog’s death with a game… That’s disrespecting it… It would have been better if they took it to a vet! 😡

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