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Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades is a scary game or ritual, traditionally played by kids and teenagers in Russia. It involves summoning the ghost of a woman and asking her to grant you one wish. They say it is the Russian version of Bloody Mary.

Queen of Spades

To play The Queen of Spades game, you need a playing card (The Queen of Spades, of course), a dark room, a mirror, a candle and some red lipstick.

For best results, the game should be played at night, between 11 PM and 3 AM. The ideal time is around midnight.

Step 1: Go into a dark room with a mirror, preferably a bathroom.

Step 2: Place the Queen of Spades playing card up against the mirror. The face of the card must be facing the mirror.

Step 3: Light the candle and place it in front of the mirror. Turn off the lights.

Step 4: Take the lipstick and draw a door and some stairs on the surface of the mirror. (It should look like the picture below).

Queen of Spades

Step 5: Stand in front of the mirror and focus your mind.

Step 6: Close your eyes and say out loud, three times, “Queen of Spades come.”

Step 7: Keep your eyes closed and, in your mind, visualise the Queen of Spades opening the door and walking up the stairs. You must concentrate very hard. Some people hear laughter, others hear footsteps.

If you have performed the ritual correctly, and everything went right, when you open your eyes, The Queen of Spades will be there. You can state clearly, your wish.

If something went wrong, you may feel her getting closer and closer. You may feel her hands wrapping around your throat and strangling you.

If you feel like something is not right, you need to end the game immediately, or the Queen of Spades could come out of the mirror and kill you.

To end the game, say “Queen of Spades, go away!” and destroy the door and stairs by quickly wiping the lipstick off the mirror. Then you can blow out the candle and turn on the light.

The Queen of Spades may not look like what you would imagine. Whatever you do, do not let the Queen of Spades escape from the mirror into our world. In an emergency, you may need to break the mirror (which is an another, more drastic, way to end the game)

If the game worked, your wish will be granted soon… They don’t say when… but soon.

Stories and Experiences

“Today I performed the ritual for the third time. I prepared everything very carefully. The most important part of the challenge is the visualization part with your eyes closed. I would say 99% of success depends on it. The first 2 times I tried, I was unsuccessful, probably because I was distracted by noises etc and didn’t concentrate properly. The third time, it happened. I do not think it was my imagination. I saw everything very clearly and made my wish. I believe the ritual went extremely well, about the best I have ever dreamed, and yes the woman in the mirror was exactly as I imagined with my eyes closed.” – Russian girl named Kara.

“My friend and I did it yesterday, but as a joke. On a handheld mirror, we drew the stairs and the door. Last night, I couldn’t sleep and I was afraid to open my eyes. It seemed as if someone was standing in the darkness near my bed, watching me…” – Russian girl named Julia.

“It happened to my friends and I. This is the truth. I read about the ritual on the internet and I convinced my friends to play. We did everything as it should be… the lipstick… the stairs… the door… Atfirst nothing happened. Then, deep in the back of the mirror I saw a face. I froze with fear and it looked at me… The bloodied eye… The bloodied mouth… I screamed with fear… We all screamed and ran. Even now I still remember it with horror…” – Russian boy named Ivan.

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  • @Crying in my ice cream, They are not naming the queen lol They are sharing their experiences playing the game followed by where they are from and their name. So for example ‘when we played the game bla bla bla – Russian girl named kara or When my friends and I performed this ritual bla bla bla – (experience written by a) Russian boy named Ivan. etc

  • How do these people know the queen’s name and also how is a boy a queen???

  • “You can state clearly, your wish.” I believe(wish) I can fly I believe I can kill Donald trump

  • @scare_bear sfk did post it a long time ago. Find the pencil game on the website thats where it is.
    @lalaiepop dont call him/her stupid if they didnt know then you have no right to call them stupid!

  • You should post a story about a ritual called Charlie, Charlie. It’s very popular and I’ve tried it multiple times. It works. This is how it works… Basically, you get a blank sheet of white copy paper, and draw two lines, dividing it into fours. Then, write Yes, no, no, yes in the boxes like this:

    Yes | No
    No | Yes

    Then place one #2 pencil on the vertical line and balance another #2 pencil on the horizontal line. Once neither side of the horizontal pencil is touching the paper, you may begin the game by saying either “Charlie,Charlie, can you play?” Or “Charlie Charlie are you here”. Either phrase works. Now, if you did everything correctly, the pencil will move to the answer of your question. You may continue to ask yes or no questions until you want the game to end, and you must end it with, “Charlie, Charlie, may we stop playing?” And if he says no, then end the game immediately by destroying the paper and breaking the pencils. If he said yes, then say “goodbye” to ensure his answer, then destroy the paper and pencils. But be wary, as summoning this young, Mexican spirit named Charlie could end your life, or be driven mad by one of the answers. For instance, some of my friends played if a lunch the other day, and my friend Larry asked,”is David going to die soon?” And it pointed to yes. Now David is scared out of his wits…so yeah, be careful guys.

  • Nice… Somehow felt it to be better than bloody mary… Atleast the queen is nice to grant wishes…

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