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Little Devil

Little Devil

Little Devil is a scary game played by kids and teenagers in Russia. It involves using a needle and thread to contact a demon from hell and ask it questions. In Russian, it is known as “Chertik” which means “Little Devil” (ie: a demon). Warning: You should probably not play this game, especially if you are a Christian. Contacting a demon is very dangerous and if you are vulnerable it could lead to you becoming possessed.

Little Devil

To play the Little Devil game, you need a sheet of paper, a pen, a needle and some thread.

Step 1: Draw a perfect circle on a piece of paper. Draw a dot in the exact middle of the circle. Around this dot, you should draw the figure of a little devil, complete with horns, cloven hooves and a tail. The dot in the middle of the circle should be at the devil’s heart.

Step 2: Write “Yes” above the devil’s head and “No” below the devil’s feet. Write the letters of the alphabet from A to Z outside the circle, around the circumference. Write the numbers from 0 to 9 inside the circle, around the circumference. (See picture below).

Chertik Chertik

Step 3: Place the paper on a flat surface, like the floor or a table. Light a candle and place it beside the paper.

Step 4: Tie the thread to the needle. All of the people present in the room should remove any religious icons, like crosses etc and all metal jewelry.

Step 5: Join hands and say out loud, “Forces of darkness, I urge you to help.”

Step 6: Heat the tip of the needle in the candle’s flame. Then, hold the end of the thread and dangle the needle over the sheet of paper so that the tip of the needle is touching the devil’s heart.

Step 7: Say out loud, “Chertik, Chertik, come! Chertik, Chertik, come!” Wait for a few moments, then ask, “Chertik, Chertik, are you here?” If the needle points to “Yes”, you may now ask the little devil questions.

When you ask a question, you should say, “Chertik, Chertik, (and ask the question)”. If you like, you could say it in English instead: “Little Devil, Little Devil, (and ask the question)”.

To end the game, join hands and say: “Chertik, Chertik, go away!” and burn the thread in the candle’s flame.

Keep in mind that you are communicating with one of the devil’s minions. He is evil and he may try to deceive you, mock you, trick you, make false promises, make false predictions, manipulate you and make you do things etc. So, be very skeptical of anything Chertik tells you.

NOTE: I suspect this may be the origin of the Charlie Charlie Pencil Game. When you are calling “Charlie, Charlie” it may actually be the demon “Chertik, Chertik” you are calling.

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  • Do you have to use Cyrllic (the Russian writing system)???

    Scaryforkids says: I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure you can just do exactly the same thing, just using our Western alphabet.

  • Kids in my school played it and the pencil moved then the hallway lights started flickering when my school is brand new

  • I’m going to call my boyfriend over to play… he is my special helper in investigations.

  • Hi sfk and guys i m back after a long vacation of summer……… Actually because of the summer trip, i m too late to read all stories… i m sorry sfk… And actually sfk you have deleted my account…so i have to remake it… may be by mistake you must have done that…. nice story

  • Wouldn’t be able to play this game anyways…I can’t draw a perfect circle! Haha jk…if u have to be skeptical of what he says there’s not much of a point in playing is there?

  • Havent commented in a while but… Whats up with all the games?? 😅

  • @Dead_Meat I don’t think it is to offend Christians but that it(The Chertik) might have a higher chance to possess a Christian or any other religious person.

  • why did you say you should probably not play this game especially if you are christian??why especially christian should not play ????

  • Devil’s minions?! Really? What else have these Russians discovered to contact the evil?

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