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Wash Your Hair

Wash Your Hair

Wash Your Hair is a scary story about a girl who gets a terrible fright when she is taking a bath.

One night, my parents went out and my sister and I were left home alone. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV while my sister was upstairs, taking a bath.

All of a sudden, there was a terrible scream. A door slammed open and I heard the sound of hurried footsteps. My sister came running down the stairs at full speed and burst into the room.

She was completely naked. Her hair was soaking wet and her face was pale.

I knew something was very wrong, so I jumped off the couch and ran over to her.

“What happened?” I asked.

My sister was out of breath and could barely speak. All she kept repeating was, “The bathroom! It’s in the bathroom!”

I ran upstairs and checked the bathroom, but there was nothing that seemed particularly strange.

After drying herself off and putting on some clothes, my sister told me what had happened.

She was sitting in the bath, as usual, when she heard what sounded like heavy breathing.

Puff… Puff… Puff…

She looked around, but there was nobody was there. Assuming it was just the sound of the wind whistling through a crack in the window, she put it out of her mind.

She crouched down in the bath to wash her hair. With her eyes tightly closed, she started rubbing the shampoo into her hair.

All of a sudden, she noticed something.

She had long hair…

She had very long hair…

Her hair was much longer than usual.

Then, she noticed something else.

She could feel cold air on the back of her neck.

Puff… Puff… Puff…

My sister immediately jumped out of the bathtub.

That’s when she noticed something else.

As she jumped out of the tub, she threw her head back.

It felt like the back of her head had hit someone else’s nose.

Since then, my sister is too terrified to be in the bathroom alone. Whenever she takes a bath, someone – either my mother, my father or me – has to be there, watching her to make sure nothing is in there with her.

My sister is convinced that the hair she washed that night was not her own.

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