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Lost Car

Lost Car

The Lost Car is a scary story about four friends who drive out to a haunted spot to test their courage. It is based on a Japanese story that is supposed to be true, but it seems to be a variation on another Japanese Urban Legend on this site called White Hands.

This is a story I heard from my teacher in junior high school. Years ago, he went on a trip to the countryside with four of his friends from university.

They were staying at an inn located in a small town. One evening, they heard that there was a spot nearby that was believed to be haunted. The four of them decided to visit the place that night in order to test their courage.

The haunted place was in the middle of a forest which was about 5 minutes by car from the inn. They drove to the spot, parked the car at the edge of the forest and continued on foot.

They walked deep into the forest, until they came to a lake at the center. There was a strangely eerie atmosphere about the place, but they didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary. Tired and a little disappointed, they decided to go back to the inn.

However, when they got back to the car, they found that the engine wouldn’t start. My teacher was sitting in the back seat and he noticed that the driver was strangely silent. They asked him what was wrong, but he didn’t reply. He just sat motionless in his seat, staring down at his feet.

The other three friends followed his gaze and looked down.

What they saw horrified them.

There were countless bloody hands clutching his ankles and holding him in place.

My teacher let out a scream, tumbled out of the car and ran for his life. THe other two friends screamed as well and followed him, fleeing from the car as fast as they could.

They managed to get back to the inn, but the driver of the car never returned. My teacher and his two friends were in a panic and they were too afraid to go back to the car.

By the next morning, the driver still not come back, so they went to tell the local police what had happened. The police escorted them back to the forest to investigate.

The car had vanished, as if by magic trick. There were no traces of tires at the scene. The police conducted a search of the forest and the surrounding area, but they couldn’t find the car or the driver. Soon, the investigation was terminated and the driver was listed as a missing person.

One day, about a year later, the police contacted my teacher and told him that the driver had been found. My teacher and his friends returned to the site.

The missing man was found sitting in the driver’s seat of the car. Strangely, the car was found submerged in the lake at the center of the forest. The lake was surrounded on all sides by a deep forest. There was no evidence that the surrounding trees and grass had been knocked down by the car. Nobody could figure out how it was possible for the car to get into that lake.

In the end, the police closed the case and declared it a “suicide”.

My teacher and his friends were not convinced.

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