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Mockingbird is a short horror video made by Drew Daywalt. After watching this clip, you will never look at a baby monitor the same way again.

Drew Daywalt says: “Mockingbird is a straight up parental fear. I think every parent with a morbid sensibility lays in bed looking at their baby monitor thinking of the potentially god awful things they “might” hear coming over the speakers. When I showed the script to my wife she instantly said “Ooooh I want that one!” so I let her direct it, and I’m so glad I did. She was so subtle and her film so awful in it’s horror… I mean, a baby gets its throat slit off screen by a ghost…”

scary for kids


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  • @OrangeAcid Yes, I saw it as Mockingjay. I’m so ashamed.

  • Poor baby … I suggest not to use baby monitors
    Why can’t the parents let their babies sleep beside them.if they want anything the parents would have to go all the way upstairs.

  • Recently, parents have actually reported strange voices talking to there babies on those baby monitors, just like this. It asks f###ed up questions like, “Are you awake little girl?” or “Do your parents do naughty things?” It’s f###ing scary!

  • I feel sorry for the baby but to the person on the monitor EPIC BREAK IN AND ESCAPE (high fives) like I say I am weird

  • @xx scarygirl xx it’s because the song she’s singing is called mockingbird. :0
    And he thinks it’s his wife checkin on the baby, but really, it isn’t. The girl he saw come in was his wife. They were scared cause they didn’t know who was checkin on the baby.

  • and why is it call mocking brid this is why is so ????????????????????????????????????????

  • It’s really funny when the dad went”no no no no no no no no no no no no no!”it souns funny

  • Totally unrelated but, am I the only one who saw Mockingbird as “Mockingjay” and had to look twice?

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