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There Is No Such Thing

There Is No Such Thing

There Is No Such Thing is a short horror video from Drew Daywalt. A woman is tucking her daughter in at night and tells her that the boogeyman doesn’t really exist.

Director Drew Daywalt says: “The funny thing about this one is that it started out as a jump-out-boo-scare kind of thing. But I’ve outgrown those kinds of scare tactics and wanted something more awful. In my original draft of the script, I just had the mother checking under the bed, and then she finally puts her foot down and doesn’t check for a monster and leaves the room, but this one time she doesn’t check, there’s the monster, and it’s going to eat her daughter and she didn’t check. Total parent anxiety fears. But then as we were filming, actress Azure Parsons, who plays the mother, jokingly suggested that she looks under the bed, sees the monster and doesn’t do anything to save her daughter. We laughed and then I thought, that’s amazing. What a horrible mom. And that’s how we came to this one. And the villain switched from the creature to the mother.”

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  • Actually, I think we are all to come to our own conclusions about this story. In my opinion, I think adults can’t see the boogeyman because they don’t believe he is real. So the mother can’t even see that he is there. If the little girl was to look under her bed, she would see the boogeyman.

  • *mom looks under bed and sees monster* thinks “oh. well he’s smiling at me so he must be nice.”

  • EPIC poor girl and when I was little I thort hands would grab my feet and pull me under the bed thats why I leaped to the door of my bedroom when I was little :) and @imyournightmaregirl211 why you gotta be hateing on flamefletcher

  • gaaaaa… eeeeeeeee i hate monsters hiding under my bed and in my closet. ther’s this one little girl demon in my closet that won’t leave me alone she keeps giving me nightmares

  • This reminds me of myself when I was a little girl o.o I used to make my mom check under my bed all the time, and then I would get yelled at for all the toys underneath. My whole thing was if it’s clean, there was no where for the monster to hide, but plenty of room for him, but if it was dirty, there was no room for him, but plenty of places for him to hide o.o” I decided no room was better than not being able to hide :3

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