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Ghost Movies

Ghost Movies

The scariest ghost movies online and the scariest horror stories to watch. These films are about haunted houses, true ghost stories, supernatural events, ghost hunters and paranormal encounters. The picture below is from the movie Ghost Story.

Ghost Movies

1. Insidious


2. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Three young people make a documentary about a witch who is rumored to haunt a forest in rural Maryland. The movie is mostly improvised which makes the acting very real and terrifyingly believeable.

3. The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers

4. The Orphanage

The Orphanage

This Spanish language film follows an adopted woman who returns to live in the orphanage where she grew up. She begins to suspect that the orphanage is haunted and her fears are confirmed when her son goes missing. This is an emotional and gut-wrenching movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. Best bit: The ghostly little boy with the sack over his head.

5. 1408


Based on a Stephen King short story, this movie concerns an infamous haunted hotel room. John Cusak is a horror author who decides to spend the night in the hotel room to determine whether or not it is truly haunted.

6. The Conjuring

The Conjuring

7. The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black is a truly haunting and hypnotic ghost story that earns its chills through artful old-school atmospherics. Daniel Radcliffe plays a young man whose wife has died, leaving him with a 4-year old son to take care of. He is given the job of selling a large, isolated manor that is haunted by a mysterious woman dressed in black.

8. Session 9

Session 9

A group of workmen are tasked with cleaning up asbestos in an abandoned mental hospital. Strange things begin to happen and gradually, they come to believe that the building is hanted by an evil and malevolent force. Best bit: When one of the workers listens to old audio tapes of psychiatric “sessions” with the former mental patients.

9. The Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis plays a child psychologist that tries to help a little boy who claims he sees dead people. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this movie has a classic twist that will totally shock you if you haven’t seen it before.


11. A Haunting in Connecticut

12. Burnt Offerings

13. An American Haunting

14. The Fog

15. The Devil’s Backbone

16. Ghost Story

17. Rose Red

18. House

19. The Frighteners

20. The Lady In White

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  • I agree with @Pshycofox I am no more scared of :
    1. Insidious
    2. Insidious 2
    3. Insidious 3
    4. Annabelle
    5. The ring
    6. Amityville
    7. Paranormal Activity
    8. Poltergeist
    9. The Conjuring
    10. Jessabelle

    I want something really scary….. Can anyone please suggest “A VERY CREEPY MOVIE”.

  • What sucks about being me is that im rarely scared so movies like annabelle, insidious and the woman in black suck for me but I thought grave encounters was kinda good but also ruind grave encounters 2… but there is one movie that did desturb me ‘the huanting of the whayley house’ I think its called. Its really messed up but the ending made me laugh like crazy

  • I have seen annabella its awesome movie about a doll…………..Also i have seen insidious and conjuring

  • My dad owns The Shining, Frighteners, an American Haunting, and Sleepy Hollow. All great movies I would recommend.

  • Woman in Black is one of the best scary movies ever, in my opinion. It’s really scary and REALLY good.

  • I watched the haunting it was scary bad enough I was playing a game on this website and my dad decided that it would be funny if he yelled i got you now!!!! I almost hit him in the face with a bucket!! But I only threw tea at him. I sceramed like this AHHH LEAVE ME ALONEE!!!! *throws tea in his face!* don’t do that again!!! (but he never listens to me!) ):

  • Amityville is so creepy. After watching it, I started praying before going to sleep every night.

  • I watched dark water when I was 4. We have the dvd. I didn’t find it scary but it made me have a nightmare about killer sheep eating human flesh xD

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