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1408 Movie

1408 Movie

1408 is a scary ghost movie about a room in a haunted hotel. The movie was based on a short story by Stephen King. It was made in 2007 and stars John Cusak and Samuel L Jackson.


The movie 1408 takes place in the fictional Dolphin Hotel. John Cusak plays a tired and cynical author who is recovering from the death of his young daughter. Although he doesn’t believe in the supernatural, he writes cheap non-fiction books about haunted places and true ghost stories for a living.

One day, he receives an anonymous postcard with a picture of The Dolphin Hotel on Lexington Avenue in New York City. The postcard bears the chilling message “Don’t enter 1408”.

He discovers that there is an urban legend about a haunted room in the Dolphin Hotel and decides to spend a night in the infamous room 1408 as part of his research for his next book.

The hotel manager, Samuel L. Jackson, tries to talk him out of it, explaining that 56 people have already died in room 1408. Some of them died of natural causes and others committed suicide. He warns him that no one has survived staying in the room for more than one hour. The author is undaunted and decides to take the challenge and stay in the haunted room.

Things start out calmly enough, as he walks around the room making dry observations into his tape recorder. Then, things start happening. The window slams shut. The phone starts ringing. Weird noises occur. It grows more intense, until he almost reaches the point of insanity.

How much of what’s going on is real and how much of it is a product of his disturbed mind?

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