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The Others

The Others

The Others is a scary ghost movie from 2001 starring Nicole Kidman and directed by Alejandro Amenabar.

The Others

The Others begins with a young mother named Grace, who lives in an old mansion shrouded in fog on a small, secluded island. Her husband has gone off to fight in the war, leaving her alone with their two children, Nicholas and Anne. The two children have a rare disease that makes them allergic to sunlight. They have to stay indoors at all times, because if they are ever exposed to sunlight, they will break out into tumors and die.

One day, the mother hires three new servants to help out around the mansion. She tells them that they must never have more than one door open at any time and can never allow the children to be exposed to sunlight.

As the days wear on, strange things begin to happen in the old house. The children claim to see ghostly figures. Creaking footsteps are heard in the rooms above. The piano begins to play a soft tune all by itself. The young mother decided that she must protect her children from whoever or whatever has invaded their house.

This movie relies heavily on atmosphere and tension to terrify its audience. There are many moments of sheer terror and the twist ending will leave you shocked and surprised.

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  • @ josh z and venom- they actually realise that the 3 servants are the ghosts when Grace discovers their gravestones in the garden under a pile of leaves which were hidden by the gardener who was also dead.
    Libz x.

  • I believe that those ghosts were ghosts who succeeded in killing the family, anyway great movie, sucky ending.

  • i also have this movie its freakn awsome the whole time they think they have ghosts in there house but they dont know that they r the ghosts

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