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Woman in Black

Woman in Black

The Woman in Black is a scary ghost movie from 2012 that stars Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter films. It was made in Britain and is based on a book by the famous ghost story author, Susan Hill.

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black is a truly haunting and hypnotic ghost story that earns its chills through artful old-school atmospherics.

It begins in a small British village, where three little girls are playing together. Suddenly, they walk over to the window in a trance-like state and jump to their deaths.

Daniel Radcliffe is a lawyer in London. His wife has died, leaving him with a 4-year old son to take care of. He is given the job of selling a large, isolated manor called Eel Marsh House.

When he arrives in the village, he treated very coldly and he is given the same attic room at the inn, where the three little girls met their tragic end.

when he travels to Eel Marsh House, he finds it can be reached only by a single-track road on a long, narrow causeway that lies so low in a brackish sea that the waters lap its edges.

The house is crumbling and forlorn, filled with faded and jumbled Victorian furniture and toys. It is covered in cobwebs and the stench of death permeates the old place.

While there, he hears odd noises and screams. He also spots a mysterious woman dressed in black. The scenes in which he winds up all the musical stuffed animal toys is very creepy and the cobweb shrouded three wise monkeys with glazed plastic eyes are extremely unsettling as they see, hear and speak no evil.

Soon, the billage children are falling ill and dying and the locals blame Daniel Radcliffe for coming to the old house and awakening an evil presence.

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