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Insidious is a scary haunted house movie from 2011, starring Patrick Wilson. It was made by the creators of the SAW movie series.


Insidious begins with a married couple and their three children moving into a new house. Things start to go wrong when some of their moving boxes go missing, their son says he doesn’t like his bedroom, books are found scattered around the floor and odd bumping noises emanate from the attic. One night, while their oldest son is exploring the attic, he suffers a bad fall and the next morning, he doesn’t wake up. He lapses into a coma and the doctors are at a loss to explain it.

After several months in the hospital, they bring their son home to care for him there. His mother begins to notice strange things happening in the house. There’s a particularly effective scene where the mother hears a demonic voice through the baby monitor and another where their younger son says he has seen his comatose brother walking around at night.

Convinced that the house is haunted, the family move into a new place, but before they have a chance to unpack their belongings, the supernatural activity starts again. In yet another creepy scene, the mother is outside when she catches a glimpse of a child dancing in her living room. Going inside, she is confronted by a giggling phantom that she pursues through the hallways.

Realizing that something evil is afoot, the family contact a psychic, who arrives with two geeky ghost hunters to investigate the situation. They conclude that it’s not the house that is haunted, but their son.

scary for kids


  • Me and my friend saw this movie. It was scary but not scary. They don’t really mention their other kids at all most of the movie and it didn’t really seem they needed there to be three children. But, I suggest watching it. So, I guess there is only one thing left to say, “Ha! I got first and you didn’t!!!” Um, sorry about that. I kind of just needed to say that.

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