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Stir Of Echoes

Stir Of Echoes

Stir Of Echoes is a ghost movie from 1999 starring Kevin Bacon. It was based on a horror novel by Richard Matheson.

Stir Of Echoes

Stir Of Echoes focuses on a family who lives in the suburbs. At a party, the father is hypnotized as a joke and goes into a deep trance. Before waking him, the hypnotist suggests that he keep his mind open. Afterwards, he begins to experience frightening visions that he cannot explain. That night, he encounters the ghost of a teenage girl, but she disappears.

The mother and father go out, leaving their son at home with a babysitter. The father has a premonition that something has happened to his son and when he runs home, he discovers that his son and the babysitter have disappeared.

Guided by his visions, he tracks them to a bus station, where he discovers that the babysitter is the sister of the girl he saw in his vision. The revelation starts him on a mission to find out what happened to the girl and why she is haunting their house. He begins a hunt for her corpse that puts him and his wife in grave danger.

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