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Belgrave Hall, a haunted house in Leicester, England became famous in 1998 after a ghost was photographed by a security camera. The security cameras at the back of the hall triggered one night at about 4.50am, and captured strange apparitions on video. Staff at the hall believed they had filmed ghosts after a mysterious figure which looked like a woman in a long dress and a small child appeared on the footage.


But ghost sightings at Belgrave Hall have been reported for years. The gardener at Belgrave said he encountered a ghost dressed in a Victorian dress walking down the stairs and pausing to look through the window. He claims she then tuned, smiled and walked through to the kitchen and disappeared. Staff at the mansion said he went as white as a sheet.

A number of staff members have seen the “green lady” who also wanders down the stairs of the building. Footsteps have also been heard upstairs, mystifying security staff who searched the entire hall and found nothing. Shadowy figures have also been seen in the cellar, lounge and yard areas.


Paranormal experts investigating Belgrave Hall encountered a strong, negative energy located on the upstairs floor. The energy was so negative it forced them to leave as they were afraid it would hurt someone or cause some damage.

They also encountered a small child ghost that had died of Tuberculosis along with a well known Cook and a man who had fallen to his death on the stairs. Almost all of the entities they encountered were confirmed to have existed with accounts and history of the Hall.

Ghost Hunters investigated Belgrave Hall in 2008.

scary for kids

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