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Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Factory

Reid’s Ice Cream Factory in Blue Point, Long Island New York is a scary place. The old building has been abandoned for years because it is haunted by the ghost of a girl who died there.

Ice Cream Factory

In the 1950s, Blue Point was home to a popular nightclub and people would come from all over to experience the nightlife of Long Island. A local girl named Linda hung out at the club and eventually took a job as a dancer there.

One night, while she was dancing, a man in the audience caught her eye. There was something odd about him. He was eating an ice cream and staring at her intently. When she got off stage, he came straight up to her and began making conversation.

The other girls who were working at the nightclub said they overheard Linda making plans to meet the strange man for a date. One girl even warned Linda not to go on dates with men she didn’t know. Linda simply rolled her eyes and laughed at her advice.

Linda left the nightclub that night, arm in arm with the strange man, and was never seen alive again. The next morning, her body was found lying outside Reid’s Ice Cream factory. She had been murdered and her head had almost been chopped off. Police were never able to solve the crime and, no matter how hard they tried, the other girls at the nightclub couldn’t seem to remember what the strange man had looked like.

Since then, piercing screams and the sounds of high-pitched crying have been heard at the deserted factory, especially at night. There have also been sightings of a ghostly young woman walking the property. One man who was passing through Blue Point at night, said he saw a young woman walking past the factory. As she came close to him, her eyes grew wide and he saw that she had no eyeballs, just hollow eye sockets. As he watched, her head tilted to the left and almost fell off. Then, just as suddenly as she had appeared, she vanished into thin air.

There were also mysterious fires that plagued the old factory. No one ever knew how the fires broke out. As soon as the owners restored the factory, another mysterious fire would burn it to the ground. It was almost as if someone or something wanted the factory to be destroyed forever. The owners eventually gave up and boarded up the factory, abandoning it to time.

Sometime in the 1970s, a little boy was playing in the abandoned factory. He was climbing up on top of an old piece of machinery, when something spooked him. He lost his footing and fell onto the factory floor. The machine he was climbing on toppled over and landed on top of him, crushing him to death. Since then, people have the sounds of giggling and singing coming from inside the Blue Point factory. Others have reported hearing the sound of small feet echoing down the main entrance, and out into the vine-covered walkway.

Ice Cream Factory

If you go to Blue Point today and investigate the old Ice Cream factory, you can see a sign hanging in the entrance of the abandoned building. The sign is hanging just above an old machine and has the word “Chop Here” written on it.

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