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Tennessee High

Tennessee High

Tennessee High School in Bristol, TN, is a haunted place. It was built in 1939, and is said to be home to at least three ghosts.

Tennessee High

Tennessee High Schools most well known ghost is called “Agnes.” Nobody knows what her name was in life but, as the legend goes, she died on Class Night many years ago. Class Night is the night when Tennessee High bids farewell to it’s seniors, and promotes the junior class to seniors.

There was a lot of wild partying that night and the next morning, Agnes was found dead in the school’s swimming pool. Ever since, her ghost has been seen wandering around the old section of the building. Students and staff members have heard her footsteps in the hallways and have glimpsed a girl in a white dress passing along the corridor.

Another ghost is that of a former athlete who was knocked down by a car while walking home from a game one night. His ghost returned to the school and students have reported seeing him while attending games in the Field House.

Finally, Tennessee High School is supposed to be haunted by a phantom train. They say it emerges from the gymnasium at night and blasts its horn noisily along the hallway. Those who have heard it say that the sound is so loud that the hallways and rooms shake as it passes by. No one knows where this ghost train came from, but the school was built over a disused railway line.

The tales of these ghosts have become part of the tradition of Tennessee High School, and have been passed down for decades among students and faculty.

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