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White String

The White String is a strange urban legend from Japan about ear piercing. During the 1980s, this legend was popular in japan and a lot of kids were afraid to get their ears pierced because they believed the legend was true.

White String

A young girl desperately wanted to get her ears pierced. Her parents said she was too young, but she pleaded with them, saying that all the other girls in her class had pierced ears. Eventually, her parents relented and agreed to let her do it. They gave her some money and told her to go the the local mall and get her ears pierced in a jewelery store.

Instead, the girl decided to keep the money and do the piercing herself. She got her best friend to help her do it. They heated up a large needle and stuck it through both of the girl’s earlobes. It was quite painful, but in the end, her ears were pierced and she was delighted to be able to wear earrings.

However, a few days later, the girl was in school when she began to feel a pain in her left ear. Her earlobe was extremely itchy. During break time she went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her earlobe was red and inflamed. She began scratching at it.

When she looked closely, she saw what looked like the end of a piece of white string sticking out of the hole in her earlobe. Thinking it was very strange, she started picking and pulling at it. After a few minutes, there was a long piece of white string hanging out of her piercced earlobe. There didn’t seem to be any end to it.

Finally, she got a pair of scissors and cut the string.

Suddenly, everything went black. She couldn’t see.

She was rushed to the emergency room of the local hospital where a doctor examined her. When she told the doctor what had happened, he was shocked.

“I’m sorry, you will be blind for the rest of your life”, he said. “That wasn’t white string. That was your optic nerve.”


  • @Crystal actually it wouldn’t be dark it would be a blinding white light. My bestie is blind and one day I dared to ask “If your blind…what do you see?” she turned to me and pointed to a flashlight I had on my shelf and said “Like that being shone in your eyes 24/7” I just stared and said “How did you know that was there?” she just turned to me again and said “Simple. Echo-Location” I just stared at her dumbfounded and she snapped her fingers in front of my face and laughed “You look so stupid!” I just sat there and started reading SFK she just did…whatever she was doing again. She once looked at me while she was sleeping, mind you, she sat up eerily and said “I’m going to kill you.” then she stood. “It will be your birthday.” (this happened February 8) I just stared. “But, Suzy, tomorrow is my birthday!” “I know this” she said and her voice deepened. “I won’t go to jail.” I just stared and scooted back. “But, Suzy, how will you not go to jail?” She turned around and laid back down. “I’m Satan.” she said. Her voice rose again. “Not Suzy.” she started snoring then I shook her awake and she just turned to me and whined. “I was sleeping!” I told her what happened and then she explained. “OH! 1. I have split personality disorder. 2. I sleepwalk. 3. I talk in my sleep” I just sat there. And went to bed. “Next time, strap yourself to the floor, tape your mouth, and tell me about your other disorders.” I cried myself to sleep.

  • All I have to ay is HAHA silly girl. Dumb girl never have your friend pierce your ears for you or else you could cut an optic nerve or whatever. But last I checked your optic nerves are NOT in your ear. So this is not a true story

  • @shadowcat Our ears, brain and eyes form a group. So that’s the explanation. BUT, HELL! THIS ONE WAS CREEPY! I already have ear piercings but this type of weird demonic experience never happened to me. Maybe she just had it coming…Poor girl. I have Nyctophobia, that is the fear of darkness. So, I don’t know if I would die if I had to see that complete darkness for the rest of my life, if I turned blind.

  • :3 i luv it!!! So great!!! My ears aren’t pierced, son i’m not that afraid… But it was a soooooo good story!!!!

  • the string should be in a loop for her to see. but optic nerve in the EAR? Still tryna figure that one out!

  • Whoa how could the optic nerve got into the ear lobe that’s pretty confusing right? Any ways the end could have been better :-)

  • OMG! How can an optic nerve come out of an earlobe? It does not make any sense.
    Anyways Moral: 1. Do what your parents say.
    2. Do the things which you know properly.

  • Seriously?? I mean whoever made this legend up had no idea about the words termed ‘biology’ and ‘common sense’ …. It was gross too… 5 outta 10 optic nerves

  • I dont like wearing earrings cuz sometimes my ear itches and gets red…i wont have to worry about it. and is that even POSSIBLE to become blind?

  • And based in this story…
    Did the doctor wonder about the optic nerve that was sticking out from the earlobe?
    Wow, the story just not make sense…

  • Ohoho, so, based in this story, your optic nerve can move to your ear hole or whateverthenameis??
    Genious, verrrrrryyyyy genious!!
    *standing applause*

  • I got my ears pierced b4 I was one and I can see just fine. Well I do have glasses. Maybe they’re connected?! =d. Haha JK :)

  • yeah, like your optic nerve can travel all the way through your ear to reach a tiny hole in your earlobe… btw wouldn’t she have felt that???

  • I got my ears peirced when i was a couple months old. I’m so happy that i didn’t experience it recently

  • 1-The optic nerve joins your eyes to the brain..not the ears to the brain.
    2-Even if it is there, why would it stick out?
    3-Even if it is there, why would it stick out of the EARLOBE???

  • Creepy >_< I have 5 piercings in my ears… but still this is impossible and can never be true :P

  • I got my lip pierced.So what am I gonna pull out from there-Meh tongue?

    God I sound stupid.-.

  • I first got my ears peirced when I was about 6 months. Whilst I was reading this I was fiddling with my Disco Ball earrings and when I read the last sentence, I felt some sort of string thingy. I ran to the mirror but it actually was some string from my school project.

  • 1: if your ears were pierced near your optic nerve, you would probably go blind immediately.
    2: your optic nerve runs from your eyes to your brain
    3: There are barely any nerve endings in your earlobe anyway (trust me i have pierced ears)
    4: somebody’s mom probably made it up so her kid wouldn’t go get them done

  • I read this like last summer when it was first posted on this website I just didnt have time to write a comment but its gross

  • the story scared me until the end
    then im like few not that scary
    i dont think that will ever happen to me

  • dont wanna be a spoil sport but your optic nerve goes from the back of your eye ball strait to your brain nowhere near you ears.my mums a nurse.i know these things

  • i once got my ears pierced when i was about 8 years old. i once put these ear rings in and my ear started turning red and getting itchy and it felt like it was burning, luckily it was just infected and it would heal after a couple days. but i never want to get my ears pierced again. great story:)

  • This story creeped the shit out of me…
    Luckily I don’t have pierced ears, so I’m safe! Hahaha :)

  • Well.. everytime I had my ear inflamed, nothing ever happened. But the story is great. and scary xD

  • Ohmygosh, I just got a second hole in my ear, and it’s itchy and red and inflamed! But we took the earring out and it was just a little infected. Or was it? o.O Great story too. x3

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