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Japanese Demons

Japanese Demons

Japanese demons and ghosts from ancient mythology. I will probably write longer, individual pages about these monsters and creatures at a later time. But for the moment, here are some short descriptions of these evil spirits.

Japanese Demons


Hone-onna is a skeleton woman. She hides her frightening form by keeping her back to you, but when she turns, you realize she has no face, just a bare skull. She tries to lure unwitting men into falling asleep and then, she sucks the life force out of them.


Kitsune is an evil spirit with the head of a fox. It disguises itself as a beautiful woman and tries to trick human beings into marrying it. If you are unlucky enough to marry Kitsune, it will feed on your life essense while you are asleep.


Shinigami is the Japanese version of the grim reaper. He usually appears to a dying person and brings them to the land of the dead.


Wanyudo is a strange evil spirit who guards the gates of hell. He appears as a severed head on a burning wheel. He enjoys scaring people and stealing their souls whenever they come close to him.


Ningyo is the Japanese version of the mermaid. Instead of being beautiful, Ningyo is a creepy woman who has fish scales for skin, a face like an ape and razor-sharp teeth like a pirahna. If you’re out fishing and you catch Ningyo on your hook, you must immediately toss her back into the sea or else your family members will suffer epic misfortune or even death. If you cook and eat Ningyo, you will remain beautiful and youthful for all eternity… but your family will die.


Akaname is a hideous creature that looks like a frog with a very long tongue. It has a single claw on each foot. He lurks in filthy bathrooms at night and licks the poop off the toilet and the floor. If you encounter him, he will use that same tongue to lick your face. Eeeeew.


Nurikabe is an evil spirit who appears in the shape of a wall. He has the ability to stretch endlessly and loves to play tricks on travellers. He stretches out and blocks the roads to prevent the travellers from going through. The only way you can get through is to kick the lower area of Nurikabe to make him disappear.

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  • Option 1:Cheap makeup
    Option 2: cooked mutant-demon that makes people you love die

    Most people: this is a hard descision…

  • “If you cook and eat Ningyo, you will remain beautiful and youthful for all eternity… but your family will die.”

    Yep, totally worth it. >:)

  • So when you kick the lower part of Nurikabe are you kicking his babymaker? I guess kitsune is another reason you shouldn’t get married ha.

  • my friend will never find her way into my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me- *reads ‘Nurikabe’, looks around and stares at a wall. Kicks wall.* Yooooo Hooooo!!!!! Nurikabe? You there?

  • Anyone else thinks of these animes while reading it?
    Kitsune – Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss
    Shinigami – Ryuk from Death Note

  • Hone-onna is like Succubus. Succubus makes people fall in love with ‘her’ before sucking the life out of them.

  • Fox-head lady… the first time I read that bit, I thought of Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita. Bu Akane’ gross eeeeeewwwwwww!!

  • They got one part wrong. kitsune means any fox and some of them can shape shift and they don’t just marry people they can steal, play pranks or sometimes kill people but some of them are good and some times do you favours if you give them food called inari or do them a favour

  • I know a story about the wanyudo. A woman was looking out her window and saw a wanyudo rolling down the street. She saw baby limbs hanging from its spokes. The wanyudo then said, “If you have time to gaze upon me, tend to your own child!” She was horrified to find that her infant’s limbs had been reduced to bloody stumps.

  • Eeeeeewwww I dont want to be licked by the poop licker thing it’s gross btw it sounds like a dog except its hideous.

  • ok the last one was GROSS): and you *points at user* “Justwondered” yes i agree God protects his people(:
    and loves us. but this ‘garbage’ is met just for fun,scares,and morals. so please tone DOWN your attitude. thank you!

  • I wish I had a death note, just for my own shinigami… I wouldn’t use it, just have a shinigami to play and talk with. Haha.

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