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Red Crayon

Red Crayon

The Red Crayon is a sad and disturbing story about a young couple who buy a house that comes complete with an unsolved mystery. It is based on a Japanese urban legend.

Red Crayon

A married couple, who had just returned from their honeymoon, decided to buy a house. The couple were very happy because they managed to get the house at a very cheap price. It was in a nice neighborhood, close to the city and just a short walk from a shopping center.

One day, the husband was walking down the hall when he spotted a red crayon lying on the floor. The couple didn’t have any children, so the husband wondered where the crayon had come from.

“Perhaps the previous residents left it behind”, he said to himself as he casually threw it in the trash.

The next day, the husband came home from work to find another red crayon lying in exactly the same spot. He was very puzzled and decided to ask his wife about it.

The wife grew pale in the face when he brought it up. She told him that, every day since they first moved into the house, she had been finding red crayons when she was cleaning. They were always lying in the same spot, at the end of the hallway.

The husband was standing in the hallway, wondering about this weird phenomenon, when he began to notice something was not quite right. The hallway was too short.

He tapped on the wall at the end of the hallway and heard a hollow sound. Curious, he began peeling off the wallpaper, despite the protests of his wife.

Behind the wallpaper, they found a pair of sliding doors. It was as if someone had carefully hidden the entrance to a closet or a small room.

The husband discovered that the sliding doors had been nailed shut. He got a hammer from his toolbox and began prying out the nails, one by one.

After pulling out the last nail, he slowly opened the sliding door to reveal the small hidden room. Looking inside, they saw that the white walls of the little space were covered with words scribbled in red crayon.

Over and over again were the words “mommy im sorry let me out mommy im sorry let me out mommy im sorry let me out…”

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