The Red Spot

The Red Spot is a short scary story about a young girl who wakes up one morning with a strange blemish on her face. It is based on an urban legend called The Spider Bite or Spiders in the Cheek. A version of this story appeared in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz.

Red Spot

One night, a young girl was sleeping in her bed when a spider crawled across her face. It stopped for a few minutes on her left cheek, then it went on it’s way. When she woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror, she noticed a red spot on her cheek.

“What’s this?” she asked her mother.

“It looks like a spider bite”, her mother replied. “It will go away, just don’t scratch it.”

Soon the small red spot grew into a big red boil.

“Look at it now,” the girl said. “It’s getting bigger.”

“That sometimes happens”, her mother said. “It’s coming to a head.”

In a few days the red spot was even larger.

“Look at it now”, the girl said. “It hurts so much and it makes me look so ugly.”

“We’ll have the doctor look at it”, her mother said. “Maybe it’s infected.”

But the doctor couldn’t see the girl until the next day. That night she decided to take a nice, relaxing bath. As she lay soaking in the warm water, the boil suddenly burst. Out poured a swarm of tiny spiders from the eggs their mother had laid in her cheek.


  1. HorrorFanGirl says

    That was absolutely revolting, repellent, repulsive, sickening, stomach-churning, off-putting, unpalatable, uninviting, unsavory, foul, nasty, obnoxious and odious ( i literally just searched synonyms for disgusting, even these words can’t add up to how vomit like this is)

  2. Princess Of The Dead says

    I would be more concerned about having some giant spot ._. At least it would be out of my face

  3. Aprajita says

    Thank god!! I ain’t an *arachnophobic*! The picture feaked me out more than the story did! But anyway it was gross and creepy!

  4. Saliq says

    That’s gross. And disgusting. And cool.

    I read a story about spiders on this site in which the spider goes into human body and seizes control of human nervous system. I can’t remember where it was but would soon get to it .

  5. dr. dead says

    I just read this story on another website and wondered why the heck sfk didnt post it….
    so i was wrong..
    SFK, UR AWESOME……………….


    Crap! can that happen? I mean how can that happen how can a spider lay eggs on cheeks? what she dead after that? anyways the pic is really scary did it happened really?
    So much question but 1 answer only: YES!

  7. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    I remember I wanted to steal this book from someone along time ago but I didn’t….shhhh….don’t tell anyone haha.

  8. VeryScary97 says

    Waaayyy b4 that Bloody Mary movie. Also the picture came from that book. Or one of those books. There’s like 3 or 4 of them.

  9. death_angel says

    I love how this is short and simple, easy to remember for around the campfire and people won’t get bored listening. Totally gonna tell this at camp ;)

  10. something.wrong says

    HAHAHA! This is gruesaome and hilarious at the same time! imagine a spider laying eggs on your cheek! Lmfao!

  11. scarybeary bloodymary says

    tht wuzn t evn scary copycat ppl thts judt strange gross and tht coodnt evn happen n real life u ppl r running out of ideas

  12. Maddycomo says

    pinkKaygana and kutiethekiller you are both right when i was reading that i was like that is from bloody mary then i looked at the comments both of you said the same thing

  13. Chester1979 says

    bleck! D: when i read this for the very first time, every itch/tickle i had on my face i slapped my cheek!

  14. pinkKaygana says

    oh and how do u know it was SPIDERS!?! how do u know that maybe she was some evil monster who ate Ruth and was pretending to be her in order to get revenge on Ruth’s mother who the monster asked out but she said no, and the spider bit the monster and in the hot water the thing burst and black BLOOD poured out, huh?? how do u know that THAT’S not the story, you copycat people… XD jk THE SPIDER SAVED THE DAY!!

  15. pinkKaygana says

    hey these people are copycats, this was in the movie BLOODY MARY!!!! the poor girl started ripping her face off after that.

  16. angie4ever says

    eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww i wonder if thats possible!!! i hate spiders, its on of the only things that creep me out!!! =O

  17. kutiethekiller says

    i saw something like this in a bloody mary movie, some girl had a zit and she poped it, and then billions of spiders came out!!!!

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