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Strange Boy

The Strange Boy is a scary story for children about a new kid in school who always wears dark glasses and keeps mostly to himself.

Strange Boy

One day, there was a new boy in class. He was very ordinary and boring. The only remarkable thing about him was that his eyes were hidden behind thick dark glasses. The teachers put him in the back row and immediately forgot about him.

The strange boy seemed to fade into the background and nobody took any notice of him. He didn’t play with any of the other kids. He didn’t speak to anyone and he never answered any of the questions the teachers asked. He was never seen eating in the school cafeteria and when the bell rang at the end of school, he stayed seated in his desk while the other children ran out the door.

For two weeks, the strange boy attended school without a problem, but one day, a girl was playing with a ball in the classroom during lunch break. She threw it too far and it hit the boy on the head and knocked off his dark glasses. She ran over to retrieve the ball and apologize to him, but when she looked into his eyes, she began screaming hysterically and fainted.

Some other students carried the unconscious girl to the school medical center. When she woke up, she refused to speak and just sat in a corner, clutching herself and shaking her head. The teacher asked some of the other students what had happened. They said that the girl had been frightened by the strange boy. When his glasses had been knocked off, it looked as if he didn’t have any eyes – just red holes where his eyes should have been.

The teacher decided to call his parents, but when she went to the office to look at his records, she discovered that all of his documents were missing. Eventually, she managed to track down his name and address through the Internet.

So the next day, during lunch break, while the boy was still sitting in the classroom, the teacher got into her car and drove out to his home. When she got to his house, she rang the doorbell and an old woman, dressed from head to toe in black, answered the door.

“I’d like to speak to you about your son”, said the teacher.

“You’re too late”, said the old woman. “He died over a year ago”.

The old woman brought the teacher inside and showed her a picture of her dead son. It was the same strange little boy who had been attending school for the last two weeks. The teacher was so shocked and disturbed that she had to stop herself from fainting right there on the spot.

An hour later, a doctor and a nurse arrived at the school. They entered the classroom and dragged the strange boy out, kicking and screaming. After examining him, they were unable to find a heartbeat and pronounced him dead. It seems that the strange little boy had died in an accident a year before, but such was his dedication to learning that he got out of the grave and went to school.

The worst thing of all was that the boy continued to fight off the doctors and nurses with superhuman strength. Finally, they had to tie his hands and feet and stuff him into a coffin. As they lowered him into the grave, they could hear him violently thrashing back and forth, trying to loosen the ropes.

They say that late at night, if you go to that graveyard, you can still hear the muffled screams of the strange boy with the red eyes coming from deep underground.


  • 2things. First great story scream XD. Also why would u go back to school when you coul have ANYTHING else to do. Or if you like school then i guess u could

  • @hftnutty4575 your story is good, but maybe you could add a few more details and an explanation as to how his/her friend got in the house and was killed? Other than that I really enjoyed your story! XD

  • aww i kind of want this to be real i like this story the boy did nothing wrong i wouldnt have cared if he was dead or if he had no eyes hes a little boy ;)

  • lol!I would probably drag myself out of the grave to go back to school too!Just to see my crush and friends and to scare the living poop out of my classmates.;) I’d also LOVE to have red eyes!!!

  • well weavileroxxcandy i cant do anything but take it to offense
    sooo.. yea i might just kill u in yer sleep no joke

  • @scream XD
    Gonna do my best at giving critisism.

    It was a nice plot, but it happened too fast. First, he was climbing down his house, then all the sudden, there’s a freak midget… It felt too rushed to me. Maybe you could’ve given more in-depth detailing.

    (This is my opinion. No need to freak over it.)

  • This is discrimination! What if he’s dead? He’s still human (or used to be) and he has rights! Why they put him in the coffin if he was conscious? He doesn’t harm anyone!

  • I have a story…one time my family went to a party.i had to stay home and do my homework.i heard a knock on the one was there,and I heard a knock on the back one was there either.i got a bit freaked out.then I heard a high pitched scream.i ran to my room and found my friend hanging from a rope.his stomach was cut open and all his guts were showing.he was naked and he didn’t have his eyes only empty sockets.i threw up on the spot.their was a note taped to his body. It said i’m always watching you… I called 911,and they have no trace of him. All I know is he’s alway’s watching me. Was it good or bad?

  • Now who in their right minds would wake up from the dead just to go to school?
    If he went to kill all the teachers, i would understand that, but to school? Talk about nerds XD.
    He should have woke up to party, yeah, PARTY!!! XD

  • If I died right now, I would NEEEEEEEEVER come back as a zombie and go to school again, NEVER!!!! XDDD

  • Cool story, lets hi5, strange boy, we both are the same type! :D I would like to visit ur grave once…. 3:) then we’ll discuss studies together! XD

  • nyc story scream xd bt de r way too many inconsistancies firstly y would jess hide in a bush full of thorns?nd hw cld de midget chase jess if jess’s girl had shot him in the legs?nd y dd jess’s girl not run when the midget dragged himslf closer nd closer?other than that cool story.

  • :o! i got a story! read dis!
    Midget Murder
    Jesse a teenage boy about the age of seventeen was going to sneak out of his house. He was doing this to see his girlfriend Anny who is a nineteen year old cop. As he was climbing outside his window he noticed the roof was covered with dew. But he continued on, but thanks to his stupidity h slipped and tumbled violently to the ground.
    He didn’t scream or cry, he just laid there waiting for a little recovery. When he felt better he sat up and looked at the sky, then he felt a thrash of pain. It was coming from his arm; it was bleeding but not bad enough for him to give up for the night. As he got up, he caught sight of his mother walking through the house. Luckily for him she just went to the kitchen for something to drink.
    Jesse snuck around each of the windows to his to avoid contact with his mother. She went back to bed without noticing the tiny pricks of hair that showed at the bottom of the window. He sighed in relief. He snuck past his house when he noticed something small out of the corner of his eye. Jesse looked to his left and he realized it was a midget. He smiled and walked over to him to pick on the little guy.

    “How’s the weather down there?’’ Jesse smirked.
    The little man looked up, and too Jesse’s horror the vertically challenged man’s face was, covered in scars, and his eyes were black and red. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and revealed his hands, he had very long nail that were covered in dry, crusty blood.
    Horrified Jesse ran as fast as his legs could take him. Jesse jumped into a thorny bush for cover. There was no sight of the midget man anywhere. Just as Jesse was beginning to think he was safe the scary midget monster walked towards the bush that was right next to the one Jesse was in. the midget took out a knife slowly. He searched the area for Jesse but couldn’t catch sight of him, so he walked away. Jesse got up put of the bush and snuck past the little man’s shadow. The little guy didn’t see him but, he heard him.
    Jesse ran nonstop until he saw the Yellow Stone Park sign. He gasped for breath and kept walking. He walked past beautiful flowers, amazing trees and finally he saw his girlfriend. She smiled when she saw him.
    “Hey Jess! What took you so long?” she asked
    “Long story” he replied
    “We have all night” she said cheerfully
    So he told her everything that happened that night, from coming out the window to falling, the little man…
    “He tried to kill you?” she said getting up
    “Umm… yea” he answered
    The two heard something quivered in the bush beside them. They got up immediately and skidded a few feet away. In their relief it was just a squirrel. But the midget man tackled Jesse, but in his defense, Anny whipped out her gun and with a loud bang she shot the midget in the leg. He flew backwards and hit the ground.
    He started to drag himself towards Anny. Before she could reload he slashed at her legs with his long nails. She fell down like a rock. He dragged himself violently towards her face and stared into her pale green eyes. Within seconds she got skinnier. Within moments she was dead.
    When Jesse saw what happened he ran again, but even on the ground the little man was fast. The end!

  • Imagine learning with a dead person. Atleast u can ask him about the underworld and whats it like to be dead… These kids dont think… XD.

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