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Strange Boy

Strange Boy

The Strange Boy is a scary story for children about a new kid in school who always wears dark glasses and keeps mostly to himself.

Strange Boy

One day, there was a new boy in class. He was very ordinary and boring. The only remarkable thing about him was that his eyes were hidden behind thick dark glasses. The teachers put him in the back row and immediately forgot about him.

The strange boy seemed to fade into the background and nobody took any notice of him. He didn’t play with any of the other kids. He didn’t speak to anyone and he never answered any of the questions the teachers asked. He was never seen eating in the school cafeteria and when the bell rang at the end of school, he stayed seated in his desk while the other children ran out the door.

For two weeks, the strange boy attended school without a problem, but one day, a girl was playing with a ball in the classroom during lunch break. She threw it too far and it hit the boy on the head and knocked off his dark glasses. She ran over to retrieve the ball and apologize to him, but when she looked into his eyes, she began screaming hysterically and fainted.

Some other students carried the unconscious girl to the school medical center. When she woke up, she refused to speak and just sat in a corner, clutching herself and shaking her head. The teacher asked some of the other students what had happened. They said that the girl had been frightened by the strange boy. When his glasses had been knocked off, it looked as if he didn’t have any eyes – just red holes where his eyes should have been.

The teacher decided to call his parents, but when she went to the office to look at his records, she discovered that all of his documents were missing. Eventually, she managed to track down his name and address through the Internet.

So the next day, during lunch break, while the boy was still sitting in the classroom, the teacher got into her car and drove out to his home. When she got to his house, she rang the doorbell and an old woman, dressed from head to toe in black, answered the door.

“I’d like to speak to you about your son”, said the teacher.

“You’re too late”, said the old woman. “He died over a year ago”.

The old woman brought the teacher inside and showed her a picture of her dead son. It was the same strange little boy who had been attending school for the last two weeks. The teacher was so shocked and disturbed that she had to stop herself from fainting right there on the spot.

An hour later, a doctor and a nurse arrived at the school. They entered the classroom and dragged the strange boy out, kicking and screaming. After examining him, they were unable to find a heartbeat and pronounced him dead. It seems that the strange little boy had died in an accident a year before, but such was his dedication to learning that he got out of the grave and went to school.

The worst thing of all was that the boy continued to fight off the doctors and nurses with superhuman strength. Finally, they had to tie his hands and feet and stuff him into a coffin. As they lowered him into the grave, they could hear him violently thrashing back and forth, trying to loosen the ropes.

They say that late at night, if you go to that graveyard, you can still hear the muffled screams of the strange boy with the red eyes coming from deep underground.

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