Sound of the Rain

The Sound of the Rain is a spooky riddle. See if you can figure out the hidden meaning in the story. It might be difficult to get and it’s not really all that creepy.

Sound of the Rain

It was raining very heavily that night. When we arrived at the spot, I stopped the car in front of the tunnel, and parked temporarily. My friends and I had heard a number of rumors and legends about the area being haunted. They said if you drove your car through the tunnel at night, strange things would happen. We had come to test our courage and see if the rumors were true.

There was an eerie and forboding atmosphere in the air. The place was quite remote and not many cars came down this way. It didn’t look the way you would expect a haunted place to look.

After a while, I started the car again and slowly advanced into the tunnel. It was the first time I had experienced something like this and I feel a strange mixture of excitement and fear. My friends were smiling from ear to ear like children on an amusement park ride.

We drove very slowly, hoping something would happen, but we reached the end of the tunnel without experiencing anything supernatural. My friends were disappointed. They had been staring out the windows, watching the walls of the tunnel expectantly.

“Let’s go through again,” I said. Everyone agreed and I made a U-turn at the end of the tunnel.

Once again, we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. We drove back and forth a few times before we started to grow bored. The rhythm of the falling rain on the roof of the car was becoming annoying.

After about three or four round-trips, one of my friends said, “Come on guys, let’s go home.”

I thought he was probably right, after all it was getting boring. But there was something strange about the tone of his voice. Just before we came to the tunnel exit, I stopped the car and looked back.

I noticed that my friend who had said, “Let’s go home” was shivering as if he was very cold. The others noticed too and stared at him in surprise.

“What’s wrong with you?” they asked. “Did you see something?”

“Let’s just get out of here,” he said, his hands trembling.

The rain was getting heavier and more intense. The raindrops bouncing off the car bonnet made a harsh sound. I decided to find somewhere nearby where he could calm down. We drove out of the tunnel and turned onto the highway. There was a family restaurant at the side of the road, so I pulled into the parking lot and brought the car to a stop.

My friend who had been trembling finally settled down.

“Alright,” I said. “Now can you tell us what you saw?”

“You didn’t hear it?” he asked, giving us a questioning look.

“What was it?” asked my other friend. “Some kind of mysterious sound? A strange voice?”

We had no idea what he was talking about.

“I couldn’t hear anything above the noise of the rain,” I replied.

“Then you heard it!” he said in a loud voice. He sat forward and his eyes grew wide.

“Just tell us,” we demanded angrily. “What were we supposed to hear?”

After a long silence, he opened his mouth.

“It was the rain,” he said. “The sound of the rain…”


  1. Daemonic Fluorescence says

    Wow! I get it! They were getting a free secret car wash inside the tunnel! too bad that it was already raining…

  2. popcorn_Cow77 says

    The rain ant hit the top of the car if their in the tunnel and that’s the answer cause if their was something hanging from the roof of the tunnel then when they drive in they would have seen it before they drove under it


    I got it in the Tunnel we can’t hear the sound of rain because Tunnel is already covered something was dripping ….what can it be? Blood….? Not necessary…👎…..can be just water….💧💧💧💧they should have checked the roof of the car…🚘🚖

  4. Love angel says

    Raining in the tunnel :o , it’s impossible to rain in a tunnel , I think it’s not raining water , it’s raining blood in the tunnel

  5. says

    Additional story background: A family of 5 lived in a house near the tunnel. 3 kids and 2 parents There used to be a ward for mental patients near their house. One mental patient had stolen a cleaver and killed everyone at the ward. He then ran to the house and first, he knocked out everyone and then hung them on the roof/ceiling of the tunnel. He placed them on 5 chairs. They had a rope connected to the top of the tunnel and to their head. He threw all the chairs down and ripped their bodies from their heads. Blood was dripping…Drip…Drip…Drip. Nonstop. The patient then commited suicide by hanging next to the bodies. His body was found hanging next to 5 other severed heads. The tunnel was cleaned but many people witnessed hearing rain drops yet it was a sunny day. To this day, if you go to the tunnel, you will see a man in a jumpsuit flailing a cleaver at you and once he comes clsoer to you, he will kill you. If you go there in a vehicle, you will hear blood dripping on the roof of your car but once you get out, they will vanish.

    (Hope you enjoyed reading that. Sorry if it was too crappy or something)

  6. bullies are losers says

    they were in a tunnel weird, from the way it sounds it is like BLOOD DROPS

  7. midnightscreams24 says

    They were in a tunnel so maybe it wasn’t rain , but drool or blood!!

  8. I luv fashion says

    Oh I get it there can’t be rain in a tunnel! Mabey it was blood, am I right?
    SFK plzzzz post the right answer x

  9. xXPunk_GirlXx says

    ohh…got it now !! nice riddle…they were in th tunnel so they shouldnt hear the sound of the rain

  10. Screaming Girl says

    So easy! It was a tunnel so it had a roof (That is why it was a tunnel!) So there shouldn’t be any rain falling on the car!

  11. SickFreakKid says

    ah, this is why….Tunnels aren’t open (of course they aren’t), therefore, he never should have heard the rain. Rain barely makes noise on the surface of a tunnel, Light Ones are barely audible, and heavy ones would be just a teensy tiny bit audible. Also cars block out some noise. And I’m part deaf. (might be permanent) but I know…Oh, I know…

  12. grimreaper55 says

    i kinda suspected it would be something like that…
    read on this website for about 2 years, only just made an account

  13. xXUNINSTALLXx says

    There was rain in the tunnel, therefore, something was haunted inside the tunnel. The boy was smart enough the realize that rain isn’t supposed to go through a tunnel while the other boys were too focused to find something else.

  14. GhostGirl666 says

    I get it! They heard the sound of the rain on their car when they were in the tunnel, which is impossible!

  15. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    It was raining inside the tunnel. Heres the clues that I found: 1: “Once again, we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. We drove back and forth a few times before we started to grow bored. The rhythm of the falling rain on the roof of the car was becoming annoying.” 2: “The raindrops bouncing off the car bonnet made a harsh sound. I decided to find somewhere nearby where he could calm down. We drove out of the tunnel and turned onto the highway”

  16. Paradise says

    Huh, it needs time to be figured out. They’re in a tunnel! Rain shouldnt be pouring on them!

  17. CuteKittenz says

    I get it now!!!There was a ghost banging atop of the car, its was literally battering the car and no rain should get in the car. Thanks Demented Xandra!!! xD

  18. Demented Xandra819 says

    Third! The creepy part is that they were in a tunnel so the shouldn’t have been rain falling on their car. Nice one.

    Scaryforkids says: Well done. You got it. :D

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