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Amnesia is a scary riddle about a young woman whose boyfriend was murdered. Think about this story and try to see if you can figure out what is really going on.


There was a young woman named Lydia whose boyfriend had been murdered. Even though one year had passed since he was killed, she still hadn’t been able to get over it.

They had been engaged to be married, but tragedy struck just days before the wedding. Her fiance’s body was found in a cellar. He had been savagely mutilated and murdered. Lydia had never recovered from his death, because the police had never been able to find the murderer.

One night, Lydia was driving it home from the supermarket. She was lost in thought, and paying little attention to the road. Suddenly, she saw a young man step out into the road. She tried to slow down, but it was too late. The car crashed straight into him and his head smashed into the windscreen. Lydia was horrified.

She immediately called an ambulance and the unconcious young man was taken to the hospital. He was badly injured and lay in a coma. Consumed by guilt, Lydia went to visit him every day. She often questioned the doctors about his condition.

After a few months, the young man came out of the coma, but he had lost the power of speech and was suffering from amnesia. Lydia still came to see him in the hospital every day. She even gave him speech therapy to help him learn to talk again.

A few months after the accident, he was well enough to leave the hospital. He still hadn’t regained his memory, but they continued to see each other. One night, the young man asked her out on a date. After spending so much time in each other’s company, they began to fall in love. Lydia began to think that she had finally found true happiness.

One day, Lydia was showing him family pictures in her photo album, when they came across a picture of her ex-boyfriend. The young man’s eyes grew wide as he stared at the photograph. He said he recognized her deceased boyfriend. His memory had returned.

Lydia was very frightened.

scary for kids


  • I knew it from the beginning. Lydia killed her boyfriend and that is why she was nervous when the man said he recognized her ex. Duh

  • You are all wrong, Lydia murdered her boyfriend. The reason she mourns for him is because she went crazy for a few minutes. Then she recovers from craziness and covers the body up, and forces out tears that are actually half real. Lydia is frightened when some one recognizes her boyfriend because she wants to live and not get caught.

  • that really sucks, poor lady, that man owes her more than his life! I feel like this is real..

  • i think what happened was that Lydia killed her husband and her new boyfriend was a witness! Maybe that’s why she tried to run over him:0:0:0:0
    And she was relieved to find out e had amnesia but when he remembered she knew he might tell or maybe since he has amnesia, he didn’t remember what happened. Maybe that wasn’t even what happened

  • Many people consider new bf as murderer but I think Lydia can be the killer as well…Maybe the new bf witnessed the crime & now that he regains his memory, so Lydia is frightened….

  • If he recognized her dead boy friend , it doesn’t state that he killed her bf. So why she is frightened and even if he killed her bf , so how she knw about that , he can lie to her. Ooh so complicated .

  • I have 2 theories.

    1. The new boyfriend was the murderer of her ex-boyfriend. He recognized the man he had killed, otherwise, the ex-boyfriend.

    2. Lydia had killed her boyfriend for whatever reason we may never know. The new boyfriend had witnessed this. She fell in love with this new boyfriend. She was scared because he might tell the cops.

    Which one is correct?

  • i think that lylia killed her ex boyfriend with the other boy friend and lylia was afraid that the other boyfriend would rat on her.

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