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The Albatross is a scary riddle about a man and his wife who are shipwrecked on a desert island.

The Albatross

In 1986, a man and his family had won tickets to Fiji in a contest. The family was packed and ready, and couldn’t stop chatting about what they expected to see on their holiday.

About halfway through the flight, the plane had a critical engine failure. The plane plummeted towards the ocean, and the last things the man heard were the terrified cries of his children.

The man awoke on a desert Island. It was late afternoon when he got up and looked around. He heard cries coming from behind him, and when he turned, he saw his wife and the pilot sitting around a campfire. He ran over to them.

The wife explained how they crashed and all of the other passengers had died, including their children. The husband shed a tear. As they discussed what they were going to do, he noticed that his wife was missing a leg. It had been severed at the knee. He tried to tend to her injury, but the wound had become infected. She slipped into a coma and died in a matter of days.

The husband and the pilot buried her body on the other side of the island. The pilot said a few words over the grave, and they returned to the campfire. They sat there, thinking about how they would survive. Finally, the husband fell asleep.

For the next few days, they sat around the fire, waiting for help to arrive. They knew that if they weren’t rescued soon, they would starve to death.

One morning, the husband awoke and smelled something cooking. Looking around, he saw that the pilot was cooking something over the fire. He said he had managed to trap an albatross and was making albatross soup.

They managed to survive by eating the albatross soup until they were rescued.

Many years later, the husband was still grieving the death of his wife and family. He went to a restaurant and ordered albatross soup, just for old times sake. As he put the first spoonful in his mouth, his eyes grew wide and the spoon fell from his hand. It tasted nothing like albatross soup.

At that moment, he realized what had really happened on the island.

scary for kids


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  • The pilot was like:
    HAJWK I’m hungry. Maybe the wife won’t miss a coulple toes..

  • Who sang “I’m an albatroaz” while reading this? Also, The pilot cooked the wife. Not wanting to upset the man, he said it was albatross soup. So, when the man ate albatross soup at the restaurant, he realized what had really happened.

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