Satoru-kun is a Japanese urban legend about a game that people play to find out the answer to any question.


If there is a question you need an answer to, Satoru-kun can help. According to the urban legend, Satoru-kun is a Japanese spirit, ghost or demon who appears in the form of a young boy. He knows everything about the past, the present and the future and can answer any question he is asked. You just have to perform a ritual to summon him.

However, by contacting Satoru-kun, you are playing a dangerous game.

To summon Satoru-kun, you need a mobile phone, some coins and a coin-operated public payphone.


Step 1: Insert the money in the public phonebox. Dial your own mobile phone number.

Step 2: Repeat the following chant:

“Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun, please come here. Satoru, Satoru, please show yourself. Satoru, Satoru, please answer me if you are there.”

Step 3: After that, hang up the public payphone and turn off your mobile phone.

If you did everything right, you will receive a phonecall from Satoru-kun within 24 hours.

When he calls the first time, Satoru-kun will tell you where he is. Then he will hang up. He will call you several times and each time, he will be closer and closer to where you are.

The last time he calls, he will say: “I am behind you now.”

This is the time to quickly ask your question.


Rule 1: Do not turn around or try to look at him.

Rule 2: Do not touch him.

Rule 3: Do not call him if you do not have a question to ask.

Rule 4: When he is behind you, do not delay. Ask the question immediately.

If you break any of these rules, you will die and Satoru-kun will drag you down to hell. So, it would be a good idea to decide the question in advance.


  1. LivefromtheTARDIS 2.0 says

    @SarahlovesHorror what? YOU are a strong independant woman! You dont need no Stinking man! BTW, just google payphones nearby.

  2. SarahLovesHorror says

    I sooooo wanna play did bit I DON’T KNOW where is a payphone in my city so I CAN’T O: I’ll ask when will I get a boyfriend

  3. Slendergirl104 says

    XxscarygirlxX, keep the phone on, before you call on the public phone, after you’ve called, turn off the mobile phone :)

  4. Zororion says

    This sounds SO scary, but I will honestly try this later on. I’m gonna ask him if I have/will ever have psychic abilities

  5. kittycat love a sacre says

    I went home and then turn on my phone and the after like 2 minutes I got athe call from him that he was right behind me and I have done this soooooooooo many time and it all came true

  6. kittycat love a sacre says

    I have done this before it’s actually pretty cool my question was will I find a boy that we’ll love me and he told me yes at the age of 13 and he disappeared and guess what ……………he was right and I was just thinking omg this really worked I’m so excited

  7. Princess_Shireen says

    I so want to try this! But I don’t have my own cell atm, and I don’t want to use my dad’s. I’d probably ask Satoru-kun what the winning numbers to the Florida Lottery are.

  8. XxScaryGirlxX says

    Are you supposed to turn on the phone after you’ve turned off the phone? Please anyone here can. tell about it. I am very much confused

  9. CasHere says

    @werewolfgirl I’m assuming the spirit world translates all languages together, say you’re contacting a Mexican ghost but you’re Belarusian, The ghost will speak your native language (Belarusian) even though it’s really speaking Spanish but the spirit world probably translates it all. Eh, it won’t be a problem for me though because I speak Japanese.

  10. fearless620 says

    I would do do this but I dont have a payphone near me. I would ask if my crush likes me back.

  11. KittyMewKawaii says

    I wanna try this but I don’t think there are any payphones in my town. Is it okai if I used a home phone? Like the ones you plug in and stuff in order to call. The ones that stay at home. Can I use one of those cause I have three of them and I really don’t think there’s any payphones in my town. I’ve lived here my whole life and I don’t remember seeing any. Anyways, if it is possible to use a home phone or any other phone in general, lemme know. I have a lot of questions I really need to know but can’t find out on my own. :P

  12. holly1300 says

    I would do it but there’s no pay phones close to where I live I don’t even remember if I did see one

  13. ItRunsInTheFamily says

    If you shut off your phone, are you supposed to turn it back on or wait until after you ask your question? Just so confused…

  14. MeetTheSwagMaster says

    I DID IT… IT DOES WORK SO BE CAREFUL… My story: So i went to the nearest payphone and did what the rules said.. nothing happend for a while so i decided to bring my dog to the dog park. When i got there i got my first call. I told my friends about this so i thought it was just them. Then i got my last call. when i got that last call i froze for a bit. it suddenly got cold on my back. So basically i screamed my question into the phone and i heard an answer. after that i started running like an idiot because i was scared. I made a total fool of myself xD

  15. lovemylife767 says

    i want to try this so badly… i would ask if my dad still thinks of me as his little girl.

  16. Josh Z says

    Nothing ventured nothing gained. In other words I’d try it. Plus who says you can’t come back from Hell there’s a chance he drags you into hell then brings you back to earth.

  17. Pauline_is_Japinay says

    ill do this the day before exam ill ask this

    ! what are the exams questions? LOL it will be a long talk for sure….

  18. Xx Demons xX says

    What if your on the Jon or in the shower? That would be awkward when he calls and says I’m behind you. Very awakard indeed. But I would ask him who I will marry(:

  19. XxPoshAngelxX says

    Hey this game is black magic and if u do it u r commitin a gigantic sin leme tel u that I have tried this and it works Lol XD only when I turned back nothin happened I’m still alive!

  20. anna2179 says

    LOL I read through all the comments to see if anyone actually did it and was surprised :P ………..That anyone would risk their life asking something from a demon that you can find out about on your own from friends If I ever risk my life for any question I would ask the next week euro million lottery numbers XD

  21. XxDeadShinigami says

    I did this and it was creepy.Um..just don’t sit in front of a window and don’t look at it.

  22. raven98 says

    i really want to try this,i have a lot of questions…hope i wont break the rules…

  23. Werewolfwitch@@ says

    i m afraid bcz i no dat i ll break one f rules……..i m afraid. but i wud really wanna ask him wen ll d cartoon super robot monkey team hyper force come on tv! hahahhaa lame 1!

  24. MegIz says

    I would try it if It wasnt so creepy. I will ask him one question: “how did he die?”

  25. chunkey9 says

    i would of tried it but considering the they said he will drag you down to hell i’m guessing that he’s a demon and most demons lie sooo you guys shouldn’t try this but if you are gonna GOOD LUCK :)
    yea GRR is right this a pretty dangerous thing i mean releasing demons into the real world with have counseqenses
    i’m a big fan of horrors and stuff so……. i’ve heard alot about demons and they don’t sound playfull D:
    WTF my fan just cut off and i heard a bang sound!!!!!!!!!!

  26. werewolfgirl says

    I don’t know whether my curiosity would get the better of me and I would look behind me or if I would be too scared to look behind me.I wonder if he would get mad if you called him again and asked another question? Not that anyone who’s done this would be possessed to do it again

  27. werewolfgirl says

    How do they know he looks like a little boy if you’re not allowed to look at him? And yeah,if you are in another country,does he understand all languages? Well,if he knows everything about the past,present and future then he probably does know all languages.I find it interesting that it’s Japan that has creepy games like this that could possibly summon a demon into this world.I would have so many questions to ask him but I don’t know that I’d risk playing this game to find out,I’ll just ask God when I get to Heaven. And Grrr is right,you really shouldn’t do this,it really could open portals and I have a feeling Satoru is probably a demon (Please don’t kill me Satoru.) Also GhostGirl you are a brave person if that is true,I would be freaking out everytime he got closer.I especially think it’s a demon since you said when he first called he said he was in Hell,that’s unnerving O.o

  28. bllackknight says

    What if someone else is behind you and then he calls and says what he says? Does the person behind you die?

  29. scaryperson1234 says

    omg i played it yesterday!! it was so scary when he said im behind you!!! i freaked out then i asked my question. i asked if i will die in a plane crash. he said no then i turned arond and he was not there. im scared now.
    PS: dont play this game!

  30. KuroNeko says

    Just read the posts…hmm Wait if its a Japanese game how would you ask the question if you heard about it from another country? would he understand you? How?… hmm puzzling indeed. Curiosity is a thing of now yet i will not let it get to me.-.-‘ hmm

  31. queen of chills says

    ok i’m totally going to play this oh i’m going to ask him if i’m going to hell if or when i die. i hope i’m not i’ve got a list of people i want to haunt

  32. scary lady says

    alritey im tryin thisss!!!!!! but ill never try bloody mary i dnt want her rippin out meh tongue in hell u still have a tongue XD alritez so byeeee im tryin this now wish meh luck ( btw im scared MOMMYYYY!!!!) lol i got this now byeee

  33. Dead Girl XXx says

    LOL i get scared super easily so i guess its not a good idea for me to try this… When I read Satoru and thought SATAN. Of course I’ll never play this game. i don’t want to be dragged down to hell at this young age XD

  34. TheDeadandDivine says

    That moment when you’re reading this and then you get a text message ughh =.=”

  35. Jellokitteh says

    I dont know why, but i find it really funny that girls on this site would rather ask a demon if their crush likes them rather than asking their crush out directly.

  36. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    Wow, most of the girls here have the same question to ask. Haha XD
    Oh and I also thought that the owner was killed by Kashima for some reason lol and I’m guessing that the owner is male. (Sorry if I’m wrong)

  37. ritualmisery says

    I wanna play, but I’ll break a rule so there’s no point in risking it is there?

  38. Dead Girl XXx says

    …. anyway, my elder sister said that some of her classmates from when she was in school tried to play this but maybe they did it wrong cuz she said that it was only windows closing and curtains going crazy and wind going insane and didn’t see a boy anywhere o.o

  39. BlueeBerry says

    Iwantt 2 do id bhudd idntt wunaa do somethinqq wronqq ndd qoo 2 hell ndd idoo wunaa doo idd bhudd idntt wunaa qoo 2 hell anywayz causee iff iqoo 2 heavenn idntt wantt GOD 2 sendd mehh downn 2 hell causeee i dealedd widd dhaa devill..

  40. Dead Girl XXx says

    Agreed to GrrrrRawrx and really, GhostGirl hasn’t been back o_o i remember before, some members here (including me) were like, believing that this site’s owner was killed by Kashima Reiko (a japanese ghost girl, as in the story) because he hasn’t posted anything in a long time XD so, are we believing anything this time?? lol
    but i really wanna know if she had played this game by now o.o

  41. dragongirl says

    @Grrrr: i agree completly. i dont think anyone here actually knows what their doing though. who knows what demons could come through the portal with him.

  42. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    warning: if you summon someone or something from the other side try not to open a portal. seriously. and if you know what you’re doing awesome for you.

  43. Dead Girl XXx says

    @GhostGirl4744 omg dont oh god! o.o wait.. i think i also wanna find out if my crush really likes me :D I will lie on the floor! he would be lying underground behind me XD ooh yep… dragongirl is right o.o who discovered this?? oh not only this but other scary games and stuff? o.o LOL if satoru-kun is cute, i would ask him out xD

  44. lilbooshy says

    Do you just say the chant or do you say it into the phone? That “I’m getting closer” thing reminds me of a story from one of the To Tell In The Dark Books. The pictures from that have been traumatizing me for 15 years so I’m probably not doing this…

  45. GhostGirl4744 says

    i wonder if my crush likes me i’m gonna find out soon
    bye i’m gonna try it out
    and wish me luck
    well 3 is my lucky number
    so i’m gonna wear my lucky shirt,lucky shoes, lucky socks lucky every thing
    and i’m gonna write the number 3 on both of my hands

  46. GhostGirl4744 says

    i’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT trying it only joking i will and on the final call i’m gonna lean agenst the wall ha

  47. NinjaYuuta says

    It says that he appears as a young boy at the top. But it makes me wonder who found that out if you’re not supposed to look at him… I was reading this thinking hey I should try this, then I got to the part where he says “I am right behind you now” and I said “OOoooooookay that’s scary!” And I would not try that in a million years!

  48. Dead Girl XXx says

    Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun does my crush like me? :D LOL i wonder if he’s very cute :3

  49. dragongirl says

    Picture this: your sitting on the couch and u get the final call where hes behind u. HOW CAN HE BE BEHIND U IF UR SITTIN DOWN?? that would look very wrong.

  50. mishky1234 says

    I want to play so bad but I’m too scared I wanted to ask him if my crush likes me

  51. Gidgey says

    Someone should try it! I dont have a mobile phone or know where a payphone is so i cant try… :(

  52. dragongirl says

    I would ask if my crush likes me. But i wouldnt do that. id rather be left wondering than accidentally break a rule and be dragged down to hell.

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