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Missing Girl

The Missing Girl is a creepy riddle about a little girl named Madoka-chan who vanished mysteriously in 1997, in a small rural village in Japan.

Missing Girl

One sunny afternoon, Madoka-chan and her mother went for a walk in the park. As they walked along the path, the mother saw that one of her friends had brought her own daughter to the park also. The two women met up and began chatting as Madoka-chan and the other little girl went off to play.

A few minutes later, Madoka-chan’s mother looked around and realized that her daughter was nowhere to be seen. She began to panic and ran over to the little girl Madoka-chan had been playing with.

“Where is Madoka-chan?”, asked the mother in a trembling voice.

“She was playing in the sandbox with me”, replied the little girl. “Then she said she was going to play on the slides and I didn’t want to play on the slides so I stayed in the sandbox and I haven’t seen her since.”

The mother and her friend searched the park, calling Madoka-chan’s name, but they could find no sign of her. It was as if she had vanished into thin air. The tearful mother called the police and reported her daughter missing. Then, she phoned her husband to tell him the terrible news.

The police searched the area and set up checkpoints, but no trace of Madoka-chan was ever found. Her parents stayed in the playground, searching in vain until nightfall. Finally, disheartened, they left and went home to cry themselves to sleep.

The police assured the parents that they would find their daughter, but after a month, there was no progress at all in the investigation. Six months later, Madoka-chan was still missing and her parents were at their wit’s end. By the time a year had passed, the police paid a visit to the parents and told them that, in all likelihood, Madoka-chan was probably dead.

“I’m sorry”, said the chief of police. “We did our best. We did everything in our power, but we just have to face up to the facts. We will never be able to find her. The only thing we can do now is wrap up the investigation and file the case as unsolved.”

Despite what the police said, the parents refused to give up. In their grief, they resolved to dedicate their lives to finding out what happened to their darling Madoka-chan.

As a last resort, they decided to contact a psychic, hoping to get a new perspective on the case. The parents were put in though with a woman who was, at that time, the most well-known psychic in the country. She had become famous for helping the police with a handful of cases where she had managed to pinpoint the location of wanted criminals and missing persons.

When the psychic arrived, a few days later, she asked the parents to take her to the last place they had seen their daughter. The mother and father took the psychic to the park and waited as the woman sat down in the grass, closed her eyes and went into a trance.

After a while, the psychic stood up and asked the parents to bring her to their home. She walked around the home, touching the missing girl’s clothes, shoes and toys. Finally, the psychic put her fingers to her head and began rubbing her temples. She shut her eyes tight and held her breath. Then, with a deep sigh, she whispered, “Madoka-chan is alive.”

At once, the parents of the missing girl embraced each other, filled with joy and excitement. Then, the mother asked, in a trembling voice, “So where is Madoka-chan now?”

A smile spread across the psychic’s face as she answered, “Her heart still beats and her lungs still breathe.”

The delighted parents clutched eachother tightly.

“I knew it! I knew it!” said the mother triumphantly. “But where is she now?”

“Madoka-chan’s eyes gaze at a luxury home with expensive furniture,” continued the psychic. “Madoka-chan’s stomach contains only fine cuisine.”

The mother exhaled a sigh of relief and begged “So where is Madoka-chan now? Please tell us!”

The psychic hesitated for a moment. Then, her eyes fluttered open and she cried, “She is all over the world!”

For a moment, the missing girl’s parents just stood there, frozen to the spot, their mouths hanging open. Then, they suddenly understood what the psychic meant and collapsed to the floor, sobbing and wailing bitterly.

What happened to the missing girl?


  • Her heart beats and her lungs breathe… in another person. A rich person must have her eyes and her stomach too

  • Wow … I give major credit to whoever wrote that … She was sold on the black market … right? :3

  • I feel really bad for her I mean what kind of parent leaves their child alone to play like seriously???????????

  • 😖 Oh..that was gross! what can we do with the organs of a little girl I mean world has become really selfish….💸😔

  • I get it! So her body parts have been sold to the black market & now it is in other children’s body! Poor girl!! :(

  • I thought that the girl who was playing with her killed her because she didn’t want to play what Modka wanted to.

  • Its simple! The bible says that you are alive in heaven and there’s great feasts and everything in heaven is gold and luxury like it said in the story!! :)

  • @iwannabe101 LOL, where else can you buy organs?! Black market is a pretty safe place where you can trade illegal things (safely)

  • it is very sad when little kids died…
    specially the brutal way madoka-chan experienced…

  • so what happened basically is:

    they went to the park and she wanted to go on the slide, her friend didn’t wanna go so the friend stayed in the sand box while she went to the slide. she got kidnapped and her kidnapper kept her alive for some days starving her and torturing her before finally she cut her up into pieces and put her body parts on the black market and now they’re all over the world, only her heart and lungs didn’t get chopped up and were left were they were supposed to be

  • Molly, Your story was nice.. but very predictable and this story was really cool! i mean i dont know where the missing girl could be but it was pretty awesome!

  • The Dream
    8year old Keysha walked off to the school bus after she said by to her mom.The boys at school were mean to her but she didnt care.Keysha always new to kill them with kindness.Later Keysha’s mom picked her up from school.When they got home Keysha went to her room to do her homework.Keysha lived with her 2siters and baby brother. One day in the summer her mom heard Keysha talking to someone.Her brother was sleeping and her sisters at the mall.Her mom suddenly heard a fall and ran up to Keysha’s room. Keysha fell beiling she could fly.She was alright!Keysha goes to bed at 845 and that night when she fell asleep she had a dream.She kiked and screamed.The next day her mom asked about the dream Keysha said “T-t-There was a Man with a c-c-ut face and a women with a scar and a chainsaw and t-t-they chased me to the bathroom and hurt me and killed me and made me into soup >.<' Keyshas mom had a skocked face and kept Keysha home from school Keysha went to her room after lunch and read a book.Her mom went to check on her and Keysha was gone!
    Keysha was stolen.Her mom checked everywere and in her closet she found a not that said: Look up stares in you'r bathroom :)' Keyshas mom found Keysha with her neck sliced and her bodys arms and legs in a soup
    No one saw Keysha after that!
    Hope you liked my story XoX

  • At first, i thought the other girl had gotten mad and buried her alive. Then, i read the part where the phycic said she was still alive, and found myself lost.

  • awwww i got it wrong -_- i thought that her organs were still magically alive lmao all over the world -__________-

  • not just her organs were harvested-eyes arent organs lol
    her whole body was sold but one thing i dont get-why would rich people use the black market?

  • Dreymon got this one right too. Answer: Poor Madoka-chan was kidnapped, murdered and her organs were harvested and sold on the black market. She is “still alive” because her organs are in other children.

  • WHATS THE ANSWER??? Is her body parts like, all over the world? Or is it… She’s in heaven? Ahhhh i dont know, i dunno, whats the answerrrrr? >.<

  • sfk plz post the answer i really dont get it but mabe dreymon is right and dis is a really tough riddle, i like tough riddles :D

  • I have no idea so she died wait but her heart beats so she was kidnapped and her organs were sold on the black market like dreymon said ?

  • @That_Kid_Ali Her organs are alive in other kids. She was killed and her organs harvested and sold on the black market.

  • She died and she’s in heaven/a ghost traveling the world? But.. the psychic said she’s alive…. I have no idea! D:

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