Love Rollercoaster

Love Rollercoaster is an urban legend about a song by the Ohio Players that is said to contain the scream of a murdered woman.

Love Rollercoaster

The song, Love Rollercoaster, was a big hit for the Ohio Players when it was released in 1975. According to the urban legend, if you listen to the song, around the 2:30 mark, you can hear the blood-curdling scream of a woman being murdered.

As the story goes, the Ohio Players wanted an eye-catching cover for their album and hired a model to pose for the picture. She was supposed to hold a jar of honey and let it drip into her mouth with a spoon.

However, during the photoshoot, they boiled the honey so that it would drip more easily. Unfortunately, they heated it too much and when the model dripped the honey on herself, she was badly burned. They say she was left permanently disfigured and unable to find work as a model anymore.

A short time later, while the Ohio Players were recording their song Love Rollercoaster, the model stormed into the studio and threatened to sue them for everything they had. The bandโ€™s manager allegedly got into a violent argument with the woman and ended up stabbing her to death with a knife in the control room.

Her dying screams were recorded on the soundtrack.

Of course, all of this is an urban myth. The model’s name was Ester Cordet and she is still alive. The high-pitched scream was made by one of the band members to add some excitement to the song. Apparently, a DJ made up the rumor about the scream and the murder and it spread like wildfire. The urban legend made the song very popular and the band sold a lot more records, so they never denied that the legend was true in case it hurt their record sales.


  1. ScaryRachel446 says

    I haven’t read the whole story yet. I was trying to play the song but it wouldn’t play the video due to, “The account being deleted due to copyright.”

  2. miss cragsters max says

    Omg I heard the scream. ๐Ÿ˜“ This is my favorite song!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ’™

  3. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    That’s too cool man…too bad it’s not for real though…that would be killer.

  4. Mutsumi says

    @ Darkk Rose
    I play the flute, and it’s not that. It sounds like… Grass whistling almost? You know, when someone takes a piece of grass in between their hands and blow on it, producing a whistling sound? Or maybe a bottle rocket? It also sounds a bit like fireworks shooting off.

  5. So_AWESOME says

    I know where I’ve heard this song before!! It’s on a final destination movie

  6. MissM says

    I read somewhere that it wasn’t the fact the honey was boiled, but the type of glass they used. It reacted with the honey or something and glued her legs onto it

  7. Monster_Cookiee says

    it didnt even sound like a scream… it sounded like the keyboard i can make that sound on mine!

  8. Banana phone says

    I didnt know honey could be a weapon he he this is pretty violent but not very scary

  9. Disasters GoOn says

    @creepy789, did you watch the movie Urban Legend, because there’s a reference of this song on there?

  10. XxDeathQueenxX says

    This song was in Final Destination 3 when the two girls were tanning and they were listening to the song. :P They burned to death in that scene

  11. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    After reading the lyrics of Gloomy Sunday on a Sunday, I became depressed. :/

  12. queen of chills says

    i like this song… even though only old people listen to it… i will never listen to it again

  13. GirlMurderer says

    At first I thought that if you heard it you were going to die but oh well.

  14. ThatWeirdThing says

    @MerrBearBallet According to the legend the guy who sold his soul to the demon to be the greatest blues guitar player was Robert Johnson. And yes he died when he was 27.

  15. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    xXAngel_CatXx lol, this is nothing, you should see the sleeve from the album, or maybe not :P

  16. KayKay says

    For some reason, the pic reminds me of the episode of Futurama when they go to get honey from bees and Fry keeps appearing in Lela’s dreams.

  17. zebrarific says

    its not true hear it in live versions theres a scream
    get real people
    this is totally far fetched

  18. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    awww crap my stupid computer wont let me hear anything im gonna have to wait a month until it comes back on >:O( anyways what a weird and funny urban legend :P

  19. Mole.D.Cheese says

    The scream gives me the chills… Mite be true…I heard a different version to this story. I read somewhere online that the model was kneeling on a fiberglass panel and that the honey that had dripped on her legs chemically reacted with the fiberglass to the point where the model had to basically peel her legs off the panel. That’s what ruined her career as a model, she was badly scarred.

  20. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    Lol naked woman Well, this isn’t true, the keyboardist does the scream. :)

  21. MerrBearBallet says

    my friend told me about this thing called the 27 club and it is basically the idea that if you work in the music business, there is often the chance you will die at 27. it is rumoured that a famous member of the club sold his soul to the devil so he could learn to play blues guitar.

  22. PeanutBrittle says

    Oh and actually I think the story with the girl was that she was kneeling on fiberglass, so when the honey dripped down on her, it made her knees stick to the glass.

  23. PeanutBrittle says

    I heard this before, I can’t remember where. I thought it was on here but I guess not.

  24. creepy789 says

    I saw this somwhere…..maybe on a tv show? Oh well ill find out good stories thou

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