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Dead Dog

Dead Dog

The Dead Dog in the Suitcase is an urban legend about a young woman who discovers that a golden retriever she was supposed to care for has passed away.

Dead Dog

One summer, a young woman was house-sitting for a family who were away on vacation. They lived in a large downtown apartment and she was tasked with taking care of their dog, a golden retriever.

One day, she came to the apartment and found the dog lying dead in the middle of the living room. When she knelt down and examined the dog, she found a big bone lodged in his throat. He must have choked to death on the food she left during the night.

The young woman was horrified and felt very guilty. After all, she had unknowingly been the cause of the dog’s death. She didn’t want to tell the family and ruin their holiday. At the same time, she had to find some way to dispose of the dog because it was beginning to decompose. She wasn’t sure what to do with a dead dog.

She called her father who advised her to bring it to a vet, who would know how to dispose of the dead dog properly. The girl didn’t have a car, so she decided to put the dead dog in a suitcase and carry it to the vet’s office, which was not far away.

After walking three blocks with the heavy suitcase, she was very tired and decided to use the subway. She carried the suitcase down the stairs and got on the train. When she reached the station that was closest to the vet’s office, she got off the train and began trying to carry the heavy suitcase up the stairs.

A young man spotted her struggling with the suitcase and asked her if he could help her with it. She accepted his kind offer. As they were both carrying the suitcase up the steps, he asked her what was inside. The young woman felt a little embarrassed. She didn’t want to admit that she was carrying around a dead dog in a suitcase, so she told him it was just a laptop and some computer equipment.

Moments later, when they reached the top of the stairs, the young man suddenly pushed the woman, grabbed the suitcase and took off running down the street.

Neither the young man nor the dead dog in the suitcase were ever heard from again.

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  • Wow a man just stole a dead golden retriever. Did it have to be a golden retriever? I had one that died. I was so sad. 😭 anyway that was not even scary that was strange no lie

  • Lmao, he though he was stealing an expensive laptop xD. Wait until he sees that it’s actually a freakin’ dead dog, lmao.

  • LMFAO! She took a subway and after I read this there was a subway add!(you know the subway restaurant..)XD

  • It’s funny cos there’s an ad below about laptops XD but LOL he took a dead dog XD

  • Probably what happened when the guy got home:
    Guy: Yes!!!Scored a brand new laptop! *Opens Suitcase* *Sees the dead dog* Aw s### not again…

  • Mmmmm…well I guess that takes care of that huh? Though its unethical…never trust strangers haha.

  • haha now she doesn’t have to worry about getting rid of it he must have been thinking of how great it will be having a laptop then he gets home and smells something bad then he looks in side and sees a dead dog. poor dog

  • hahahahaha so the man stels the suitcase just to take the laptops and computer equipmnets..??!! i mean steals…how rude!

    BY the Way i LIke tHat KInD of SuITcaSe…

  • hahaha thats what he gets bet he didn’t know he was taking a dead dog so when he got home with it and opened it up I bet he was like AWW S***

  • Here is what I think what happened next. The guy carries the suitcase. Then he looks inside.”What the h…? (faint time)

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