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Love Me Game

The Love Me game is a scary ritual that comes from a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. The ritual summons and evil spirit called Raku-nene. This spirit can tell you if someone loves you. It can also kill the person you love if they reject you or turn you down.

Love Me Game

Raku-nene is an evil spirit from the Gilbert Islands in the Pacific Ocean (sometimes called The South Seas). There was a popular ritual that was often used by the islanders. It involved calling this evil spirit to find out if someone was in love with them.

To find out if a girl or boy loves you or not, you can ask the spirit of Raku-nene.

You take a long leaf, preferably a coconut leaf, and tear it down the middle, being careful to stop before you tear it in half completely. Then, you hold it between the finger and thumb of your right hand and gently stroke it as you whisper the following chant:

“Tell me Raku-nene.
Tell me if she loves me.
Tell me if she hates me.
Tell me, tell me, tell me.”

After you repeat this chant three times, tear the leaf in half. Then, wrap each half of the leaf around both of your index fingers and compare them. If the tips of the leaves are the same height, he or she hates you. If the tips are different heights, they love you.

Of course, Raku-nene could also be used for evil purposes. If a boy or girl was rejected by the they loved, they could summon Raku-nene to take revenge.

To perform this ritual, you have to take a hair from the boy or girl’s head and wrap it around your thigh. You have to keep it there for three days and on the morning of the fourth day, burn it on a pile of leaves.

Performing this ritual will invoke the spirit of Raku-nene to punish the boy or girl who rejected you. It causes them to rip off their clothes, disfigures them, tortures them and eventually kills them.

Years ago, a British officer who was stationed in the Gilbert Islands claimed to have witnessed a death caused by Raku-nene. One afternoon, a young girl was found lying naked on her bedroom floor, moaning in pain. Her face was burning hot and her body was terribly swollen. Her eyes were wide open, staring straight ahead into space and her pupils were distended.

When he asked why nobody was trying to help her, the locals told him that there was nothing they could do for her. A boy she rejected had cursed her and sent Raku-nene to kill her. She was as good as dead and there was no way to save her.

The girl began violently thrashing back and forth, clawing at her own flesh and biting anyone who dared to come near her. Suddenly, she started shrieking, “Raku-nene! Raku-nene!” over and over. Then, as he watched in horror, her body went stiff and she died.

Later, when an autopsy was performed, no cause of death could be found. The girl was perfectly healthy. There was no reason for her to have died, but yet she was dead.

As time went by, this ritual became so popular and there were so many deaths caused by it that the government of the Gilbert Islands outlawed it and anyone who tried to invoke the spirit of Raku-nene was sent to jail.

Note: If the love of your life rejects you, we recommend that you DO NOT summon Raku-nene to kill them.


  • well i already know that no one loves me, but this might be useful to kill someone!

    -Leaf goes ‘hated’- ;_;


    As a girl, be careful! XD (Just kidding) Good Luck and don’t die! ~(^_^)~


  • Ok first: How do you get a HAIR from your crush?? Second: How can you tie a hair around your thigh? What if the hair is too short? What of the persons thighs are too big for the hair? Wont it come out when you shower? Wont it snap in gym class? These are my questions

  • I’m doing this. Goodbye grandma. Thats what ya get for giving me 20 dollars for Christmas last year. πŸ˜‚

  • I mean I can kill someone and not be charged of murder!! Yippee… So wanna kill someone… LOL

  • Heyyy! Its fake! !
    I tried killing myself :D
    Burnt my hair past few days! !
    Yet I’m alive! !!!

  • If you love someone, you would want their happiness, and if they are happy without you, you should respect that. Not go around calling Raku-Nene to kill them.

  • Tips: If you don’t plan on dying the way that poor girl did, NEVER EVER reject someone. Haha…i’ll remember this the rest of my life…

  • Kinda cool that it will kill the one that rejects but u gotta remember a little thing called free will. What if the persons hair is short BTW how r u supposed wrap the hair around ur thigh and how could it possibly stay there for three or four days? Do u tape it or something?

  • Nice story…
    But if it was real, I think those guys whom doing that was IDIOT!!
    If they were rejected, why don’t they try harder to make him/her like them more? Calling a spirit to kill them like sh*t just prove that their heart is not actually loved them…

    Why don’t they take a rest and try it again the other time? Such a foolish idea to call a spirit…

  • @shadow-of-darkness it doesn’t work cuz someone i know tried it with his very LOVING wife and they were same height and he decided to spy on her and made a fool of himself it was quite funny XD

  • Eh if the love of my life rejects me and I send a spirit to kill her then I wasn’t in love was I? How could I kill someone I love..
    Some people got issues

  • I want to fall in love with someone I hate, then do this to them. Just to see what would happen.

  • Interesting game but just because you like them doesn’t mean that they have to in return.

  • This is interesting and scary! Most love charms and voodoo spells seem to involve hair, but it makes no sense to kill someone just because you can’t return a feeling, after all, it would be better than getting lied to. This story is great!

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