Kathy is a scary chain letter about a girl who was ignored. If you don’t share her story, she threatens to kill you and make you suffer, just like she did.



There was a girl named Kathy who was ignored by everyone. Her parents ignored her, kids at school ignored her and basically everyone ignored her. One day she decided to kill herself.

She jumped out her window and fell to her death. Right before she died, she vowed to kill everyone who ignored her. No one noticed until people started disappearing. Kathy haunted them. She made them suffer the way she did. She hung them and stabbed them over and over, very slowly, so they could suffer like she did.

If you don’t share the link to this page with at least 15 different people, you will be killed tonight by Kathy, because she considers it ignoring her… and she hates to be ignored.

Example 1: David looked at the first sentence and dismissed it as spam. The next day, the neighbors found him in his backyard, dead.

Example 2: Joanne was alone. She didn’t have any kids or even a husband. She had a lot of friends. When she had a sleepover with them, she quickly had to check her e-mails. She saw this message and sent it to only 6 people because she thought she couldn’t die that night beacuse she was surounded by people. The next morning Joanne’s friends found her in her bathtub, dead.

If you don’t send this, Kathy WILL find you…


  1. Dat Gurl says

    Kathy, you’re not alone~ *Alone by Alan Walker music*
    But seriously. I get ignored. Online a lot. I’m on your side bro, don’t kill me, I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND UNTIL I DIE.

  2. Scarylittlegamingqueen says

    My name is Kathy sage! Does that mean I am going to kill MYSELF???!!!
    My twin is so lucky her name a is Chaddyanniey. WHY CANT I CHANGE MY NAME????!!!! WHY!!!!?????

  3. Dobbyisfree says

    I have a neighbor named Kathy… So she’ll find me……… Oh! You mean THIS Kathy?! Well, uh.

  4. Rachellioes says

    Kathy seems a little hungry for attention. Seriously, killing anyone who ignores you? It sucks to be ignored but that seems a little extreme

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