Donna is a creepy chain letter about a girl who is babysitting one scary night.


One night, a babysitter was watching the neighbor’s kids, as she often did, but this time for money. She was given specific instructions to get the kids in bed by 9 PM. She did so, and afterwards went back downstairs to watch some television.

She flipped through the stations when something struck her fancy. It was one of those x-files type shows, all about haunted houses and graveyard encounters. She watched and became mystified at some of the “actual footage” shot at a local graveyard.

As she sat there, she decided that for the full effect, she would turn off the light, and continue watching the program in the dark, curled up underneath a warm blanket on the sofa. The program seemed to last forever, until finally they wrapped up with a spooky ending, claiming that all that have seen or heard of the graveyard ghost have either died by fire, or were traumatized to death.

When the show was over, Donna was too frightened to get out from under her protective blanket to turn the lights on or check the children, for by now it was nearly 11:30 PM. It was dead silent, and Donna had developed a mild sweat from being curled so tight underneath the blanket. She decided that on the count of three, she would get up, run to the light switch and turn it on, and all would be well.

One. . . two. . . three! BAM!!!

Donna tripped and knocked the phone off the hook. What surprised her the most however, was that she did not hear a dial tone. Maybe she accidentally ripped the phone out of the wall socket. No. She could hear something. . .She grabbed the phone and put it up to her ear. She could hear breathing. What she heard next was something she would never forget. An ear piercing scream penetrated her head, and flowed all through her body, chilling her to the bone.

She jumped up and turned on the light, scared out of her mind. She decided to turn the TV back on and find a show that could calm her senses. She clicked on the TV, and started flipping through channels of static, finding nothing would come in clear. This did not amuse her. She went behind the TV to see if she could fix anything, when the phone rang.

“Hello?” All Donna could hear was the familiar sound of heavy breathing. Not waiting to hear that scream again, she immediately hung the phone up. What happened next frightened and surprised her. That piercing scream again. But wait, she hung up the phone. The scream came from upstairs. In her mind, she felt she should go upstairs to check on the kids. The sensible part of her said that the kids were in trouble, but it would be foolish to put herself in the same situation.

She crept to the kitchen, and found a knife. No, not the butter knife, she looked for another one, a steak knife. Yes, this was what she wanted. She walked to the foot of the stairs, and looked up. Total darkness. Should she turn on a light, or should she creep up in the dark, so as to be un-noticed? She decided that if it was dark, whoever or whatever was up there had the same sight disadvantage as she, and she would have a better chance of sneaking up on it.

She walked up the stairs slowly, skipping the third step, because she remembered that that one was the one that creaked. She made her way, knife in hand, to the top step, where she scanned the hallway for any shadows. She then went to the first door. She waited outside, clutching the knife in her sweaty fist, she listened for any sound. Nothing. Slowly and silently, she opened the door.

She could see nothing. Donna walked to the center of the room and felt around for the chain that turned on the light. She pulled on it, and shrieked in horror. The children were all hanging from the ceiling by their necks, their guts spilling on the floor. She turned to run but she was blocked by a presence in the door.

She felt a sharp pain as her stomach was pierced by the razor-sharp edge of her own knife. It slid easily through her abdomen, up to her rib cage. She dropped to her knees and screamed. The scream she heard from her own mouth was the exact same scream that she had heard on the phone. She realized that what she heard on the phone was herself. At that moment, everything went black.

Pass the link to this story on to at least 10 other people, or you may find yourself in the same situation. If you don’t believe it, just take your chances. . . It’s worth the investment of a couple of minutes.


  1. Princess Of The Dead says

    What? NOO I wrote a story similar to this, about a girl that gets weird phone calls and hears screaming, almost goes insane and realizes that the screams are her own when her friends are killed in front of her #blackfog

  2. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    EPIC TWIST! I loved it! 10 out of 10 piercing screams!
    (Also, my friend’s nickname is DONNA!)

  3. Joanna Beth says

    OhMe~! This is slightly similar to One Missed Call where you hear your voice and what you say before you die which is minutes later! ^_^ 8 out of 10 kittens!

  4. Try And Scare Meh says

    Weird Yet Scary, Kinda Predictable…But I Liked It. BUT! Question! Who Was The Prescence?

  5. Monkeymadmia says

    All the stories are the same!
    This homeless guy is hungry so he decides to walk into someones house but he forgets the fridge is downstairs and he thinks it’s upstairs in the kids bedroom so he crawls through the door in search for some pizza but gets carried away, grabs a plastic knife from the little tikes oven and BAM! There’s some blood.

    Same old story every time. Classic.

  6. Aurelia says

    Some of it was confusing because of plot points that went nowhere. Why did the parents want the kids in bed by 9 exactly? Yeah, they’re kids and should be in bed early enough, but it implied that something would happen if they were in there by that time. I thought that the show the babysitter watched would have some bearing on the plot, since you went into such detail, but it went nowhere. Especially after mentioning the local graveyard. Also, when you kept saying ‘And what happened next’, I don’t think it was needed. Oh and the fact that the man’s breathing was ‘familiar’ after only hearing it once wasn’t really acurate. But it was a little creepy and the fact that it was her own screams that the babysitter had been hearing on the phone was good. It definitely needs some editing, but was still a good read. :) I hope that this feedback helped. I know that constructive criticism helps me with my writing tremendously.

  7. ShadowHuntress says

    Did the kid kill her? Was it a serial killer? This one was kinda weird, and I get to babysait tonight. Well this will be fun.

  8. Scarelover123 says

    Story I made..Sorry, I’m an amateur at scary stories ^.^ sorry if I forgot some curse words.- My bedroom door creaked open. I slowly got up to see a shadowy figure standing in my door. I shrieked as it flashed a person in the light, disappearing in an instant.
    My hand flying to my chest, I felt my heart pounding a mile a minute as I recalled that face…That evil evil face.
    The evil grin, the horror filled eyes, the blood dripping from it’s large eyes…
    It was too much.
    I passed out in an instant.

    A couple months later, I was reading a poem when a gust of ice cold wind passed by my shoulder. It was early morning, and I wasn’t expecting it.
    And it happened.
    I shivered, and not with pleasure.
    I quickly turned on the lights, ran to the living room, and turned on the light there. I shoved my head phones on, heart beating faster than my body could take.
    Why was I so scared?
    I read scary stories and watched scary movies day by day…
    Perhaps it was because…
    I was in a scary movie?!
    I looked around, biting my lip as I heard a creak come from upstairs.
    No no no no no no no no no no no no!
    The lights flickered for a second.
    A cold sweat formed on my forehead.
    I gasped as my bladder filled.
    Why now?!
    I listened to the sick beats coming from my head phones, humming nervously to the beats.
    I pressed the head phones closer to my ear.
    “Come now, do you think that will help?”
    A voice whispered.
    I’ve heard My Clingy Girlfriend a thousand times.
    T-that is never said.
    A clunking sound behind me became louder.
    I turned to see my fat black cat playing with deodorant. My anger growing, I lashed out on the poor thing.
    “Stop it! I’ll f*cking kill you!”
    My cats blinked.
    My bladder felt like it was going to explode.
    I hurried upstairs, turning on every light I could.
    “Paranoid…You’re being paranoid. Ha…Ha ha!” I chuckled to myself.
    I wiped and stood, flushing the toilet I walked calmly to the door. The second I opened it, the thing rushed in.
    I screamed as it’s eery grin loomed in my face, eyes wanting to kill.
    I fell to the floor, and watched it pass through the walls, leaving the room.
    I grabbed my chest and panted loudly.
    “W-What was that?!” I whispered, my voice shaking with fear. I ran back downstairs to my computer, to my facebook page.
    “I love you my dear fans,” I typed quickly. “Love you all so much.” Fear caused my gaze to shake and freeze as the stairs in the room behind me creaked loudly.
    “I-It’s an old house…It creaks..” I tried to calm myself…It wasn’t working.
    Clunk. Drag. Plop. Clunk. Drag. Plop. Noises sounded into the head phones. Fake?! Oh god..Please let them be fake!
    I whipped my head phones off and looked around me.
    The light..The light in the living room…It was on…I know I turned it on…I know…But…Why is it off?!
    Eyes widening in fear, I grabbed the candle that is always by my computer.
    Hands slowly crept onto the door edge.
    I screamed.
    “Honey, what’s wrong?” The hands disappeared as my mom reappeared.
    I sighed with relief and ran to her, ignoring the fact that my head phones were yanked from the sockets where they were.
    “Mom…I love you so much!” I whispered during the embrace.
    She patted my head and spoke, but the voice was not her.
    “I love you too.”
    I froze and look up to see the face.
    The face that had haunted my dreams for so long…
    I backed away, back to my computer, my sanctuary.
    I turned back to my Facebook page and saw my friends.
    I turned and saw my skinny tortoiseshell licking her paws.
    She looked up, and when she did, she had the face.
    I screamed louder than I should have.
    The eery smile…Those large eyes shooting angry daggers…
    I signed off for what I knew to be the last time.
    Its grin grew to be large, very very large.
    It loomed closer and closer.
    I did what I had too.
    I threw the candle at my beloved cat and ran outside.
    And when I turned…
    I saw the face, it’s grin now an angry frown. Eyes smaller, burning holes in my clothes.
    My neighbors lights turned on, and I hopped the fence into their yard.
    Banging on the door, I screamed,
    “Let me in, let me in!”
    The door slowly opened and I burst in.
    I looked up to see my neighbor Lauras kind face.
    A relief.
    “It’s 5 in the morning! What are you doing here!?” She exclaimed.
    I looked at her, horror in my leaking eyes.
    She escorted me home, I sobbed as I walked into the house.
    I logged onto a scary stories website I go on frequently, too scared to go on Facebook.
    Creaking sounded behind me.
    i turned, eyes fearful, to see my mother.
    My actual mother.
    “Holy f*ck you scared the sh*t out of me you b*stard.” I said angrily.
    “Good morning to you too.” She said, rubbing her eyes.
    We went out for her cigarette break, I don’t smoke but I like to be with her.
    “I need coffee. And soon.” I muttered, she just nodded.
    Something rubbed up against my leg.
    I gasped and looked down to see the stray I fed rubbing against me.
    “Tiger…You scary a*s mother fucker.” I said, my mother pointing to the stray cats empty bowl.
    “No. F*ck you. I’m not going in their alone, you don’t know what I write, what I see.” I muttered. She looked at me, hostility gleaming in her gaze.
    “Oh fine!” I said, grabbing the bowl and opening the door. I kept it open and ignored the fat cat that always wanted to go outside. “Shut your trap” I yelled as I opened the door again, dropping the bowl at the strays white paws.
    “You’re so pretty, you know that Tiger?” I grinned, watching her eat.
    A claw noise sounded behind me.
    I looked, fear and adrenaline pounding, to see my fat black cat storm, eager to go outside.
    Leaning my elbows and head against the screen door I whispered, “You f*cking b*stard I thought you were the face.”
    My mom looked at me.
    I shook my head, “You wouldn’t get it.” And held the door open for her.
    Scary thing about this story?
    It actually happened o-o

  9. Terrorteller says

    Augh… I hate these things. Forward-or-you-will-die stories are the most stupid things in the world. Sticking those things at the end is what makes a good story bad.

  10. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    I actually had a Doctor Who dream last night! :D

  11. screamoutloud says

    anyone who think babysitter is boring job but it is scary and dangerous job more dangerouS ARGH!!!!!!!! NEVER WAANT TO BABYSITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Moon says

    I call myself demented:
    I love your use of generalization when you say that ”Children are evil.”
    I don’t believe that even your personal experiences give you the right to type that.
    Tell me this, have you ever gotten to know EVERY. SINGLE. CHILD. IN. THIS. WORLD?
    It facinates me how one can met all. You must be known by anyone and everyone!
    Oh, but what is this?
    I’m sorry but I don’t seem to know who you are.
    Neither does every single child in this world.

  13. I call myself demented says

    I’m not gonna do this. 1. I never want to babysit. Children are evil. Personal experience. And 2. I don’t get babysat. Duh.

  14. brony4life says

    I hate chain letters. People who post this are stupid as h***. Sorry for cussing. I just can’t believe people believe this…

  15. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says


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