Diary of a Girl

Diary of a Girl is a scary story about a little girl who has an imaginary friend named Lisa. This was created by OcularFracture on deviantART.

Diary of a Girl

This is Lisa. She is my friend. My mom and dad don’t see her, so they say she is my imaginary friend. Lisa is a nice friend.

Diary of a Girl

Today I tried to plant a flower in the yard. I tried to plant it by the Sandbox, but Lisa said that is where her daddy is sleeping, so I planted it in a cup of dirt.

Diary of a Girl

Lisa is at school with me today. I brought her for show and tell, but Mrs. Monroe got mad, because she can’t see her. Lisa got sad, so she hid the chalkboard eraser.

Diary of a Girl

Yesterday was my birthday party. Mommy bought pizza, but no one came. Lisa said people came to the porch and left. But they left presents. I got 3 barbies, a pair of shoes, and 5 dollars. Me and Lisa played with the barbies.

Diary of a Girl

Mrs. Monroe is Absent today and our substitute is named Mrs. Digman. She is pretty, and nice and she is letting us have snack time after diary time. I wish Mrs. Digman could stay our teacher.

Diary of a Girl

Today Jonathan Parker stole my pencil case. Mrs. Digman can’t find it, so she made him give me his pencils. Lisa came to school too, but Mrs. Digman can’t see her. She said she believes Lisa is real.

Diary of a Girl

Yesterday, me and Lisa went on a long walk, until the moon came out. Daddy got really mad and said Lisa is stupid and fake and she disappeared.

Today Lisa didn’t come to school, but Mrs. Digman says that Mrs. Monroe won’t come back.

Diary of a Girl

Daddy was at work all day yesterday. He didn’t come home to eat dinner. Today he is still at work. Mom packed me a pudding for lunch today. Pudding is my favorite.

Diary of a Girl

I miss Lisa. Daddy is real busy at work. He didn’t come home at the weekend. Mom is mad at him. I want to write a letter for Lisa.

Dear Lisa,

I miss you. Please come back.
I’m sorry for when my daddy was mean.
You are my best friend.

Diary of a Girl

Lisa came back yesterday. She said sorry for leaving and I told her my dad won’t come home from work. Lisa said him and Mrs. Monroe are both sleeping like her dad. I hope they wake up soon.


  1. DeadlyAngel says

    Lisa got mad at Mrs. Monroe and the little girl’s dad and killed them. That’s what I’m getting? Sweet, at the same time creepy •_•

  2. Bloodygirl05 says

    Lisa kills the dad and Mrs. Monroe for the little girl, but she thinks that they are just “sleeping”. Oh… How I miss that stage….

  3. TheDarkArchangel says

    So Mrs Monroe died… The girl’s dad died… And there is a dead body in the sandbox… how nice!

  4. Angel Of Death says

    Don’t kids get scared easily, and if her imaginary friend actually looked like that wouldn’t she have run away?? Anyways, nice story.

  5. BloodyKillers says

    The drawings are kinda creepy!! If Lisa looks like this in the drawing, I bet she looks the MOST CREEPIEST in real!!!

  6. Blooderella says

    Oh I think I get it! Her dad and Mrs Monroe are dead, but what I’m not sure about is whether Lisa killed them or not… Interesting, but not really scary.

  7. IcyBloodRaven says

    If you check this out on DA, it’s just the person doing this for fun awhile back. It’s just an OC she has. XD Nothing to be scared of.

  8. GhostGirl1607 says

    OMG Ok thats mean some ghost girl (Lisa) Killed the little girls dad and teacher then told the little girl they were sleeping like HER dad? Wow

  9. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    My girlfriend’s name is Lisa… Hmm, Imma ask my friends whether they can see her or not

  10. nightwatcher says

    Ohhhh the story is creepy and my little sister has an imaginary friend. Hope she doesn’t bite! :-!

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