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Creepy Clown

The Creepy Clown is a scary video clip featuring an unsettling and scary dancing clown.

There is a well-known Japanese scary story that involves a creepy clown.

There were three boys who loved watching horror movies. One day, one of the boys received a parcel in the mail. There were no stamps on the mysterious package and no name or address was written on the front. The boy had no idea who it was from. When he opened the parcel, he found a DVD inside. There was no cover on the case and no title on the disc. He thought his friends might be playing a joke on him, so he took the DVD and went out to meet the other boys.

When he arrived at their house, he asked them about the mysterious DVD, but they said they had nothing to do with it. They invited him inside to watch it and see what was on it. When they sat down on the sofa and pressed play on the DVD player, they were surprised at what they saw on the screen.

There was a creepy clown standing in a room. There was a bed on his left and a closet on his right. He was holding two red balloons and staring into the camera. Then, some weird music started playing and the clown began dancing and jumping around. He was jerking and shaking his body all around the room. All the while, his clown face was fixed in a wide, menacing grin. He looked insane and his behavior was bizarre. Two of the boys thought it was hilarious and started laughing out loud.

After a while, they noticed that the third boy was very quiet. When they turned to look at him, they could see that his face was white as a sheet and his eyes were wide in terror.

“What’s the matter with you?” they asked. “Why aren’t you laughing?”

The boy replied in a weal voice, “That’s my bedroom…”


  • @Dog fan i changed my passw0rd after, my friend keeps freaking posting comments as me. She is evil. But i mean she was right, the clown does have some moves.

  • My friend, we played Party Rock Anthem in the background of the video, turned off the clown video sound, and it was amazing! I recommend doing it.

  • He could make a living off of dancing if he wasn’t a clown hiding in little children’s closets…

  • @NataliaNarwhal stop cursing. Little children come to this website. Also who are you pointing your middle finger to? I hope its nobody!

  • I played the party rock anthem while watching the clown dance. OMB HILARIOUS. My friend and I were laughing so hard. Anyways………..

  • Creeeeeeeeeepy!!!!!!! Dang, it’s even more disturbing what with all those freaky clowns guys around the country.

  • When I watched the video I thought the clown had a blue razor sharp teeth but when he came close to the camera it was a f❤️cking blue smileI need glasses😢……….FML

  • The title is kinda redundant, since when are clowns NOT creepy? Btw that doesnt look like a bedroom it looks more like a backyard

  • I didn’t want to watch the video but i couldn’t stop myself. I pushed play… and it said….”This video cannot be viewed unless you sign in with a google apps account” Me: THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

  • Reading the entire clown series.
    And I’m scared of clows.
    Well, creepy clowns.
    Saw the video
    Almost peed in my damn pants.
    Thank you SFK.

  • Oh my god! The clown’s knowing his address If I was in place of him then I would leave the house

  • HA HA HA!!! So funny!! Is the video creepy? After my first pop-up game (on this website) when I was 9 (the exorcist face. My favourite face on this website now! Lol), after that I never watched a video on this website. I like the Exorcist face, but not when it moves and pops up and- and- and SCREAMS!!! I HATE screams! When I was ten yrs old (like I am now) the day after my birthday we went to Theater Royal and we saw The Woman In Black and the only really scary bit about was the screams. My God, the screams. Ear-piercing and, well after the 2nd and 3rd time I heard it, I was almost in tears, and I was shaking so much! I swear to God if I heard it once more I would have fell into floods of tears and ran out the Theater screaming. Although it terrified me, nobody else could tell I was scared. My dad thought that I liked the screams, until I told him how scary it was. I kept whispering screams so if I heard it again I would nit be as they scared and I kept my eyes closed most of the time. LOL, I know I am a wimp but I wasn’t as scared as the 21-years-old infront of me. He jumped and said, “Jesus Christ” and was clearly terrified and screams are my worst weakness and I was the youngest person there and I FELL ASLEEP in the car on the way home and didn’t WAKE UP until quite late (for me) and my brain eventually told me to PLEASE, FOR GOD’S SAKE, WAKE UP!!!!

  • Guys, I’m alone in my dad’s REALLY creepy apartment right now and there are always weird noises from outside and in the hallway because this apartment collects every sound possible. Ugh
    I don’t like clowns. And the video was eerie because the music echoed in the silent apartment. O.o

  • lol mute the video and instead play the bees gees song, stayin’ alive it is flippin HILARIOUS!

  • @smoothcriminal : I totes agree… Scary lady, he was legend. Dont go insulting peole unless you are more successful than them.
    Also, this story scared the freakin crap out of me. Ihate clowns… *shivers and looks over shoulder*

  • Im gonna cry DXXXXXX Like, the hallway looks like my hallway DXXXXX Seriously… now I’m crying! I’m officially scared of clowns.

  • I used to be afraid of clowns but I faced my fear by watching the horror movie “It”. That movie wasn’t scary at all!

  • steps to make this vid cool:
    1:pause the vid in the begening
    2:open a new tab and play sorry for party rocking
    3:play both vids at the same time

  • I’m laying in bed, can’t sleep as it is, so I decide to read a story. I came on here, and saw the clown story, pretty sure I was over my clown phobia. Man was I wrong. Great story, very scary. Gonna sleep with the lights on now. Hahaha.

  • why were clowns invented as childrens entertainment? their smiles are not even real… i hate these poor excuses of actors. no offense to circus workers

  • @ rage man 99: he goes home and watches the video then the same thing happens again
    delicioscreams: it is really predictable I agree and have u seen the video it is weir and plays carnival music

  • lol I laughed so hard when watching the video its not that scary but funny I liked it how he put his eye up to the screen

  • clowns really scare people they should make people dress up as clowns on halloween not at carnivals and festivals and galas and stuff like that I mean seriously

  • and tha video is going to cause some terrible nightmares tonight…… i freakin’ hate clowns and mimes and bridges and curly fries…..

  • This is my second worst nightmare. The first involves a mime and a colapsing bridge….. and curly fries……

  • @those who don’t want to watch the video because they are scared:
    nothing happens, he just dances around and looks into the camera at the end. sheesh I don’t know how some of you end up getting so scared xD

  • omg i am deathly afraid of clowns but i wanted to watch the video anyway. but i stopped at 0:06 cuz i got mad scared!!!!!!! i aint watching it, someone tell me what happened after0:06

  • okay im NOT gonna watch the video clip alone D: htfnutty4575 was right im gonna sleep with a bat here after :O

  • @scarylady please don’t talk bad about michael jackson….you don’t know him nor researched about him so please don’t
    anyway,i am new here in this website…and i love these scary stories but sometimes they scare me :)

  • @I call myself demented A poem is NOT a story. I don’t know where you heard that from. It may supply details that makes it sound like a story, but it’s not. And SFK was never posting user poems, only stories.
    It wasn’t mean either. SFK has the right to decline anything, as it is their site, so you need to respect that.

  • @SFK oh ok sorry I just heard from someone on here that said they emailed you and you said you were posting poems because you can’t find anymore scary stories. :( I suggest looking in the comments. We all work really hard on our stories here.

  • xO A dancing clown ….. In my bedroom… Well…. Who cares? :D its not against the law I’m going to go dance with him owo

  • Scary lady
    When you read this please send a comment back to me in TELL ME UR STORIE
    I need to ask u something

  • @That_Kid_Ali yup the kid who got the DVD was the one that had the clown in his bedroom

  • @Icallmyselfdemented That is not mean, gosh, just because he/she has rules it’s mean? Have respect, it is his/her website….. I mean it may technically be a story but think before you speak, ever think of how SFK must feel with that?

  • Quick question… Was the boy who received the DVD the one who had the clown in his room?

  • Htfnutty4575, I sleep with a bat too. :0 glad I’m not the only one! xD and SFK, i think you should post user-submitted poems sometimes. Not all the time though because that would get annoying.

  • This would be more disturbing if the music that the Creepy Clown was dancing to was “I’m sexy and I know it…”
    “…Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah!”

  • And I have to say this “I am I the only sane one in this crazy world of technicolor pony weirdos”

  • @Scaryforkids WTF!!! That is freaking mean! Scary lady just wanted her poem to be posted. Anyway, technically a poem IS a story.

  • @SFK I liked this one. Short and sweet but creepy. I know I would be freaked out if I realized that a video of a silly deranged clown dancing was filmed in MY bedroom! xO

  • hey guys I wrote a poem cuz SFK said they postin ten poems before anymore actual stories this is my first poem kinda sucky but tell me what you think :)

    Fright Night

    He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when youre awake.
    He’ll cut your head right from your shoulders and serve it on a plate. 
    He’s not Santa Claus but he’s got claws.
    He stares at you with open jaws.
    He files his teeth on your fresh bones.
    He just chews your flesh, he feeds off your cries and moans 
    He’ll eat you up in just one bite.
    It’s not Christmas. But it is Fright Night.

    Scaryforkids says: Scarylady, I never said I was posting more poems. Also, I am not posting any user-submitted poems. Only stories. Sorry.

  • Creepy much?
    I haven’t watched the video yet. I dont really like to watch videos like that because I am a scardy cat. I think ever since my first pop up image when I was 5, I HAVE NEVER WATCHED ANYTHING SCARY ONLINE AGAIN!

  • clown: wiggle wiggle wiggle oh yeahhhh!! shake it, shake it, oh yeah! XD
    me when watching the video: *pokerface* wtf.. SORCERY!

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