Clown Face

The Clown Face is a chain letter about a brother and sister who have an encounter with a murderous clown.

Clown Face

During a thunderstorm …

Beth: Hey Ben! Sup?
Ben: Uhhh … nothing much about to go to a party … haha you?
Beth: Haha nice … uhhh just staying in for the night.
Ben: I have this huge favor to ask you …
Beth: Yeah … what?
Ben: Can you please come over and watch my brother for me? I won’t be able to go if no one watches him.
Beth: Ughh … well ….
Ben: Please Beth!
Beth: *Sighs* Alright. I’ll be over in a few minutes.

A few minutes later, Beth arrives at Ben’s house.

Ben: Hey, thanks so much!
beth: Hehe. No problem. By the way, you look really nice.
Ben: Thanks! Anyways, here’s my number. Call me in about an hour and tell me how everything is, okay?
Beth: Alright, bye!

Then Ben left. Beth headed over to Ben’s younger brother.

Beth: Hey sport!
John: Hi Beth … I’m really scared …
Beth: Awww … don’t be. I’m here. Lets turn on some T.V.

As Beth walked over to the T.V. , the lights suddenly went out. John freaked out and screamed!

Beth: John, it’s okay. I have a flashlight. Hold on, one second. Darn it! The flashlight doesn’t work! Uhmmm … okay, okay, lets go up to your brother’s room. I think he has an extra one.
John: *mumbles* okay.

As Beth and John headed up towards Ben’s room, they heard a creepy laughter that brought chills up their spines.

John: *screams* What was that?!
Beth: John stop doing that. Let me call your brother and ask where the flashlight is.
John: But I didn’t … *Johns voice started to fade away …*
Beth: Hey Ben! How’s the party?
ben: Good, thanks! Listen I got to go. Can I call you in 5 minutes?
Beth: Sure. But where’s the flashlight in your room?
Ben: Oh, uhmmm … it’s under my bed, to the left. I think.

Beth walks over to Ben’s bed and screams.

Beth: Oh my God!
ben: What happened?!
beth: Oh, hahah. Nothing, I didn’t know you had a clown statue in your bedroom. It scared me half to death Especially the bloody knife on its hand. It looks so real! Where did you get it? Did you get it at the Halloween store?
Ben: Beth … I don’t have a clown statue in my bedroom.

The line quickly goes dead. Ben started panicing and raced home as fast as he can. When he got home, he ran into his bedroom, where Beth and Ben were no where to be seen. He saw his brother lying on his bed.

Ben: *rolls his eyes and said to himself* I can’t believe Beth would play such an awful trick on me.

He went and sat down at his computer and pulled up myspace. He went into his myspace account and checked his bulletins. I noticed that he had a random new friend. The profile picture was a freaky clown face. That made him freak out a bit. Then he saw that the mysterious clown friend had posted a bulletin called “Clowning Around”. Ben opened the bulletin and started to read it. This was the same bulletin that he saw last night! He got freaked out and didn’t repost it.

Trembling, he got in his bed, next to his brother and kissed his cheek good night.

Ben: You can sleep here with me tonight, Sport. Good night.

Suddenly, the figure in the bed turned to Ben.

Clown: Now its your turn.

Ben let out a high pitch screamed and the clown killed him. After the job was done, the clown threw Ben under the bed along with Beth and John.

If you don’t send this link to 5 friends in the next 10 minutes, the clown will appear by your bed tonight, while you’re sleeping and the same ending will happen to you.


  1. Dark_Destroyer says

    Wow….that was really…ummm…stupid. the second half was kinda all over the place….no one would be afraid of this. Besides imagining his high pitched scream just makes you wanna laugh.

  2. Snow4474 says

    I hate clowns. They are probably one of my worst fears.

    But I still force myself to read scary clown stories…

    I blame my obsession with creepy pasta for this.

  3. Angel Of Death says

    I am deathly afraid of clowns. So this was literally me just signing a death contract.

  4. PhychoKittyGhost12 says

    Omg talk about messed up i am already scared of clowns i guess im not sleeping to9ght lol

  5. XxNightmaregirlxX says

    I knew I was always right to be terrified of clowns! Once a clown came to my school and he was terrifying! He drenched us with his water sunflower on his jacket and embarassed us!!

  6. littlemissscary24 says

    Men! clowns today kill people? That should be deducted to their salary! ahahahahaha joke!

  7. XxVampGirlxX says

    @biezber2 I did a loooong time ago and im still here so nothing will happen you can read it :)

  8. KittylovesPanda says

    ._. i almost didnt read them just because of the pics…. a bean moved on my plate ._. shiznic

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