The Candyman is an urban myth or legend about the ghost of a slave who returns from the dead in search of revenge if you say his name five times. A horror movie was made in 1992 about the legend, followed by two sequels, starring Tony Todd as the Candyman.


According to the legend, if you look into a mirror and chant the name “Candyman” five times, he will appear behind you and kill you with his hook. For you see, the Candyman is a vicious killer with a bloody hook for a hand. He appears from the mirror, covered in blood and bees and he has nothing but murder on his mind.

They say that many years ago, the Candyman was a real man. Back in the days of slavery, Candyman was a black slave named Daniel Robitaille, who worked on a plantation in New Orleans. He was a talented painter and was chosen by the plantation owner to paint a portrait of his daughter.

But Daniel fell in love with the daughter of the white plantation owner. When the racist plantation owner discovered that his daughter and the slave were in love, he raised an angry mob and chased Daniel out of town.

Armed with pitchforks and a pack of dogs, they chased the poor slave across fields and streams. Finally, they caught up with the exhausted slave near an old barn. The evil men siezed Daniel and cut off his right hand with a rusty saw. Then they covered him in honey and threw him into a beehive.

The unfortunate Candyman was in terrible pain and died from his injuries, but not before he cursed the men who killed him and vowed to return and exact his revenge. They say his spirit would never rest and now his ghost walks the world for all eternity, appearing when his name is called five times.

So remember, you can say “Candyman” once, twice, three times or four. But never say it five times or you’ll be sorry!


  1. abbie says

    it kinda of spooked me out also I’m 10 so I wont do this unless I’m at a dying age

  2. dark sentinel says

    even after knowing what wud happen if u make a person suffer and die,why does many of the ppl in the stories do exactly that

  3. TerrifiedKiddo123 says

    He probably kills you after you utter his name five times because you are uttering the wrong name. He was covered in honey not candy remember ? Darn he gets really angry I guess….

  4. Dat Gurl says

    I’d summon Candyman if I want cake or strawberry ice cream with maple syrup and sprinkles on it, after that I’ll say thanks bro then I’ll say goodbye :DD

  5. TheRockStar1011 says

    If this was real, the guy who sang the “Candyman” song, would be dead XD

  6. carlos rivera says

    I thought this story is related to someone who sells candy, But it was totally different..
    Why candyman..??
    because of honey..???

  7. BloodStainedKira says

    Me when the candyman arrives:


    Me: Ooooh! Is that candy? Can I take it? Please? Plsplspls

    Candyman: What’s wrong with this kid….

  8. Crystal says

    @Meowblockpal I tried it. And, I’M ALIVE! Here’s what happened:

    1) I did the ritual, correctly.
    2) I stood there blankly for 10 seconds.
    3) Then I started hearing faint whispering behind me. I could also hear the buzzing sound of bees. I was almost scared to death.
    4) I immediately said, “I’m extremely sorry for what happened to you, Candyman. I’m not a racist in any way. I’ll try to avenge your death. I promise to never disturb you again. Thanks for coming…” and embraced myself for the worst consequences.
    5) The annoying buzzing sound and the faint whispering slowly started to fade. When I couldn’t hear any more of those sounds, I turned behind me, opened the bathroom door and stepped out.
    6) My friends were waiting for me outside. All of them smiled when they saw me alive and one of them hugged me.

    NOTE: It may have worked for me but it may not for another. IT WAS A REAL scary experience for me. I hate to say the truth but for 1 month I slept with the lights turned on.

  9. Crystal says

    I think he’s called Candyman because he was covered in honey when he died… @BloodyKillers

  10. KitKat Girl says

    I did this with a group of my friends at school-while doing Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie, and Scary Terry- We looked in my friends eyes and saw Bloody Mary, the pencils we were using for Charlie Charlie went crazy, we heard bees buzzing, and one of my friends saw Scary Terry behind us. Still scared to go in the bathroom alone!

  11. Egypt_hetalia says

    me:”close the door””stands in front of the mirror”CANDYMAN AND BLOODYMARY ARE K-I-S-S-I-N-G UNDER THE TREE!
    bloody mary and candyman:”kills me”

    this is how to summon candyman and bloody mary at the same time XD

  12. Thomas Whiler says

    It’s called Racism. Ripe it was during their time that a Slave was below and white above

  13. Blooderella says

    Fu** those white men. Geez, he was just in love! Didn’t THEY fall in love too?
    And the mirror thing is totally not true.

  14. BornToTakeRisks says

    i think it’s really mean for Daniel AKA Candyman that he was killed ’cause he was black and wanted to be together with a white girl. I hate people that are racist!

  15. HarryP says

    I tried it and he appeared, he was about striking me when i shouted the name Of Jesus and alas! I found myself on my bed snoring peacefully. Twas a dream afterall. Lols

  16. Meowblockpal says

    i dare someone to do this and then be all like, “sorry but i wanted to tell u that racist people are butts and they deserve to be thrown in a beehive and i will try to avenge you.” and then turn the lights back on. maybe there will be like a jar of honey or a cool hook or something. if u do this comment about it!!!

  17. Louillan4444 says

    sweet, sugar, candyman ;)

    Say that 5 times and Christina Agulara will appear in the mirror and sing the whole song for you :D

  18. chloex05 says

    me: hey kids want some candy?
    kids: yhhhhh
    me: okay go to the mirror and say candy man 5 times and then there’s candy for ya
    kid 1: dont a man jump out and kill us?
    me: nope *.*

  19. chloex05 says

    mmhhmm…. say candy man 5x and wait in the morning look under your pillow will be candy from the candy bees from in candy mans tummy

    lollage p.s lollage is a new word i made instead of lol

  20. slendy_iz_scary says

    I don’t think this is real… but don’t do it cause there won’t be the “Candyman” but you are still opening yourself up to spirits that may wish you harm

  21. superspooks29 says

    But why is it called CANDYMAN?
    why not SWEETMAN? i mean he was covered with honey
    does that mean he will give me sweets?

  22. superspooks29 says

    If i do this then will he come and give me candy?
    by the way, if you did this, how comes u r still alive 2 write the story huh?

  23. Livvicreeps123 says

    I did it five times and I heard bees buzzing from behind me and I said, “dude, I’m not racist.” And he left

  24. Another says

    Wait if you read the story, it says candy man a few times maybe five or more. So will he come for me? Haha! I have no mirror! Haha!!

  25. iwasdeadbeforeidied13 says

    Who can make the sun rise? Who can make the sun rise? The candyman. The candyman can. :)

  26. GhostGirl1607 says

    CANDY MAN……CANDY MAN…….CANDY MAN……….CANDY MAN………are you crazy of course im not typing it a 5th time lol ;-)

  27. Katrina Rose Vendale says

    Well I did it and my whole left leg has small cuts on it. I’m cleaning them right now…

  28. Bee9404 says

    Used to be fun at sleepovers in the 90s. Great for truth or dare:) I must’ve said Candyman into the mirror at least a hundred times when this movie came out… Tony Todd never did show up though…

  29. Lillia says

    Candyman.. Candyman.. Candyman.. Candyman.. Candymann.. Nothing happened!! This is bull!
    Shit, it does work!! My brother farted in my face!!

  30. So_AWESOME says

    *walks into bathroom* *closes door* *stands infont of mirror*
    “CANDYMAN” (0.o ) ( o.0)
    “CANDYMAN” (0.0)
    “CANDYMAN” (*_*)
    “CANDYMAN” (._. ) ( ._.) (._.)
    *mom walks in*
    “Aww, he just needed one more time! Moms suck…” (-_-)

  31. Nada says

    I am wattin’ for u In Front Of the Mirror………
    Talking To Myself..

  32. Nada says

    I looked into the mirror and said it “Candyman” 5 times..
    Nothin’ Happened..
    TRY IT !

  33. CrypticDolly13 says

    Rage-Man99, its becuase mirrors are considered portals from the land of the living to the land of the dead. Its a a way for ghosts to cross over into this world.

  34. Glambertlover says

    Now that I got your attention I was in school and we decided we would try that and one of my friends went in the bathroom and said that my friend would try it and… she came out of the bathroom and started laughing saying “wow that worked well” but then she leaned down and scratched her ankle and she gasped and lifted her pant leg cried out and looked down and she had 3 deep scratches on her ankle and she hasn`t touched her ankle…

  35. Eszmerrelda says

    my dad told me about this….. no one knows why hes called candyman…. maybe its cause hes covered in honey?

  36. Blazingflame16 says

    Candyman ain’t all that scary I saw a movie and it was poor-_- not until at the end where that women became the candywoman and killed her husband….

  37. MegIz says

    Poor man :( I want to be his friend… But I’d die cuz he’d kill me Dx

    Candyman RIP <3

  38. I call myself demented says

    Crap 4 him! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Poor guy. I feel sorry for him. But why Candyman? I mean, the story has nothing to do with candy.

  39. lacole luv99 says

    poor guy,he got killed for being in love and the girl <3 him back!RACISM!I HATE RACIST PEOPLE!

  40. TheHauntedStoryTeller says

    Candyman is fake guys but bloodymary babyblue and six scratches is real!!!!!1

  41. BeautifulAmethyst says

    @Bmary u only knew that from candyman:farewell to the flesh.Anyway, this is how the whole story goes, they got it all wrong.So yes, Candyman was enslaved. Some jackass told Daniel to take yes a slaveowner’s daughter’s virginity. He then did that because he was truly in love with her. Her dad was racist and ordered men to go and kill poor Daniel. They then chased Daniel down naked and soon caught him. They cut off his hand and replaced it with a hook. They smeared his naked body with honeycomb and bees attracted to it. A kid โ™€ licked it and said “mmm candyman!โ€ The people then started chanting candyman. There. That’s the straight story.

  42. BloodymaryBloodymaryBloodymary says

    what really happened was, yes, they covered him in honey and threw him in the beehive, but be escaped and a kid walked up to him and licked the honey and said “Candyman!” And the name sticked…

  43. call me whatever says

    ANOTHER THING the comment before my comment is
    spelled wrong you have said candyman…candyman…candyman…candyman and candyLman
    so you have spelt the 5th candyman like c..a..n..d..y..l..m..a..n
    whatever if he could just be summoned for candy i would never leave him alone and the candyman chocolate is way better from this guy

  44. call me whatever says

    well i do love candy but this candyman is also a candy
    if this is true i feel totally bad for him if this isnt true i dont care

  45. Dead Girl XXx says

    Candyman… Candyman… Candyman… Candyman… and, Candyman!!! Let’s see what u’ve got! 3:D Come on, Im waiting for u infront of the mirror! xD xD

  46. The.depressed.ghost says

    Candyman. . . yummy yummy, is he gonna give me candies if I also do what Duality is planning to do?

  47. Duality says

    Poor guy – enslaved, abused and trapped in mirrors and stuff… I think if I did summon him, I’d put the poor slave’s mind to rest that his kind is equal; show him Obama and Martin Luther King, then befriend him. Preferably BEFORE he killed me :D

  48. 101horrorgirl101 says

    that is horrible. do you have to be locked in the bathroom with a candle and the lights off, or just anytime, because

  49. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    Well, maybe it was 5 men who killed him, 5 men out of the mob. And they say mirrors are like channels into the spirit world, so calling his name 5 times would summon the spirit and he may come though the mirror. And about the ‘into a beehive’ thing, its just how they worded it. Like they mean they threw him at the beehive and he caused it to collapse and fall, literally, into the beehive. Hope I helped you out a bit :D

  50. pinkKaygana says

    you know, sometimes i dont get why people just put random stuff that have nothing to do with the story and they say if u do it u will die. like, for example, saying candyman five times. why FIVE!?! the number 5 has nothing to do with the story!!! what, don’t tell me that there were 5 bees in the beehive or something!! and why the mirror?! why do u look into a mirror!?! why not into a beehive!?! oh, and, um, this is something different im about to say, but, beehives are small and bees make them on trees, so how can you throw someone into a beehive?!?! there are certain things i don’t get. someone plz explain them to me??

  51. Dante Valentine Killz says

    …….my goodness i feel sorry for that poor man…no one deserves to die a horrid death like that..especially by love ,love is to much you can’t separate that from anyone..and that is the the truth that i speak.

  52. 101rockstargirl101 says

    MegaScary it’s ok it can sound like whatever you want it to sound like, but i think it sounds like a girl. Anyways this is so creepy! Tell me if you try it

  53. scaredMuch says

    OMG I TRIED THIS IN THE CLOSET I WAS FREAKED OUT but nothing happened and im only 9 o_o
    errr i dont wanna go in the bathroom now…i think i need to call the owner and move the toilet….

  54. MegaScary says

    worse than bloody mary

    * does my user name sound like a guys username i want it to sound like a girl * please comment

  55. Luna123 says

    Yea who would be afraid of the candyman….he has candy in his name what do you expect!

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