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Bath Game

The Bath Game or “Daruma-san” is a paranormal ghost game that originated in Japan. The game involves summoning a grotesque ghost that will follow you all day. The object of the game is to evade the ghost and prevent it from catching you.

Bath Game

Warning: We advise you not to play teh bath game. They say that playing Daruma-san can result in very bad things happening to you.

Bath Game Instructions:

Step 1: Before you go to bed at night, take off your clothes and go into the bathroom.

Step 2: Fill the bathtub with water and turn off the lights.

Step 3: Sit in the middle of the bathtub, facing the faucets or taps.

Step 4: Wash your hair, while repeating over and over the words “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.”

Step 5: As you wash your hair, in your mind, you should see an image of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub. She slips and falls onto a rusty tap. The tap goes through her eye and kills her.

Step 6: Keep repeating the words “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down” until you finish washing your hair. Your eyes must remain shut.

You may hear or feel a slight movement in the bathwater behind you. Keep your eyes closed. Do not peek. You have just summoned a ghost.

The ghostly figure of a woman will rise out of the water behind you. You will feel her presence as she stares at you, her head just behind your right shoulder. Her hair is black and tangled. Her clothes are tattered and rotting. She has only one eye. Her left eye is wide open and bloodshot. Her right eye is missing, leaving just a bloody, hollow eye socket.

Step 7: When you sense the presence of the ghost, say out loud “Why did you fall in the bath?”

Step 8: Keeping your eyes shut tightly, stand up, get out of the bath. Be careful not to trip and fall. Immediately leave the bathroom and shut the door behind you. Now it is safe to open your eyes. Leave the water in the bath overnight. Go to sleep.

The next morning, when you wake up, the game will begin. The ghost of the one-eyed woman will be following you. Whenever you turn to look, she will disappear. Throughout the day, when you glance over your right shoulder, you will occasionally catch a glimpse of her. She will get closer and closer as the day goes on. Do not allow her to catch you.

If you glance over your shoulder and see that she is way too close, you should shout “Tomare!” which means “Stop!” Then run away as quickly as possible. This will allow you to put some distance between yourself and the one-eyed woman.

To end the game, you must catch a glimpse of the ghostly woman and shout “Kitta!” which means “I cut you loose!” Then hold out your hand in front of you and swing it down in a cutting motion (like a karate chop).

You should end the game before midnight. Otherwise the one-eyed woman will appear in your dreams and follow you.

Bath Game Rules:

Do not open your eyes when the ghost first appears.
Do not allow the ghost to trip you when you get out of the bath.
Do not re-enter the bathroom after you leave.
Do not drain the bathtub until morning.
Do not allow the one-eyed woman to catch up to you.

A final piece of advice:

Do not play this game. It is very dangerous. Summoning ghosts can result in you getting possessed by a demon or dying in a horrible way. You could also trip and fall in the bath and seriously injure or kill yourself. If you fail to end the game properly, the ghost could continue to follow you for the rest of your life. Do not play this game.


  • I actually tried this and it didn’t work, I almost slipped in the bath LOL. She did not even follow me. -_- A waste of my time.

  • but what if your taking a poo and the creepy ghost lady comes way to close to you? are you suppose to say tomare and run outta the bathroom naked, pooping all over the place?

  • Me: hey! What are you doing in my bathroom?
    Daruma-san: you summoned me!
    Me: can’t you see I’m naked you creep!
    Daruma-San: oh! Sorry!
    Me: what a stupid! Barging into peoples bathroom and saying summoned!
    Daruma-san:I said sorry ok….

  • I’m going to Japan in March… I’ll have to watch out for the Slit-Mouth Woman and everybody else

  • i’m about to try this but then i finally remember how creepy the midnight game is and i put my hands up. i will never ever play this kind of game anymore. especially one from japan. DAT MIDNIGHT GAME MAKE MY LIFE PARANOID

  • I tried it. It worked. When i was in class i saw her and shouted TOMARE then ran from class and got detention XDD

  • i wanna do it but im scared she will trip me up when i get out and also if my eyes are closed does that mean i cant get my towel? cause i dont wanna walk about naked

  • No Way In Hell Im gonna take a bath while theres a ghost behind me HELL NU!! XDDD

  • I did this once the same time my big sister did but in different bathrooms it was kinda scary at 8 I stoped playing and my sister at 9 I never wann try my bf wanted to do this but I stop him from doing it by saying I will hunt him down and scare him for the rest of high school and collage lol it worked btw the midnight man can go into ur dreams right? So then if the woman does go in ur dream to then they wi meet and also y does every ghost woman from Japan or Korea,India or Nepal have to have black hair ghost its stupid…😑😑 and wat if the woman gets u will she kill u FOR NO DAM REASON!!!

  • Knock knock hello, it says we cannot re-enter the bathroom , but what if we have too brush our teeth? Or do our makeup? Or use the bathroom wtf .

  • So how will I use the loo or change my clothes or undress? Privacy yo. Also,
    Pro tip: During the ritual, carry around protection. If you are religious, bring protection items from your religion like a talisman, crucifix or rosary,etc. You probably should bring around salt too regardless of your religion. I think you could do this during all rituals unless it explicitly says not to.

  • I should try this. It would be humorous if i was in class, and i saw the ghost, Yelled “TOMARE!” then ran out of the class.

  • I’m not doing it one time I saw this thing it looked grey and was wearing a grey torn up dress it got up from sitting then stood in one spot I thought it was looking at me when I looked it went away

  • Scarybeary bloodymary lool! Yeah! And Duality Lol I would help you direct the movie: The Bath xDDD

  • @daulity- i would call the movie midnight bath! XD

    @residentevil5589- omg so true!!! you be sitting there trying to pee and shes at the shower curtain. youd be all ‘…. can you turn around? its kinda hard to pee under pressure.’

  • Step 1: Before you go to bed at night, take off your clothes and go into the bathroom.

    But it’s obvious you have to do that xD

  • Well im scared of the dark so no need to worry about me playing that game. Lol thats a lil embarrasing considering im 13.

  • HEHE! if im playing this game ima like ! HEY U! why be so mean! and then we two gets bff’s and eat icecreams and fight bloody mary and midnight man together WERE STRONG :3

    but im never doing it so she cant be my bff :'(

    But pewdiepie and me and hes BRO ARMY! will fight them! :DDDDD

  • It would be funny if you summoned Daruma-san,then went into the bathroom and summoned Bloody Mary.What if they fought over you?

  • Your in the frikin bath tub naked!!! She would see you naked, Gross. This game looks fun threw.

  • Good thing i take showers xP n haha it will b funny if the Midnight Man and Daruma-san fought xD

  • If I did that I will be like leave me alone!! I will pour salt all over you!!! I will tell your ghoust dad!!! >:(

    Don’t touch meee!! I need sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If u touch me I will kill youuuu!!! creepy dead lady

  • Paranormal Princess if she gets too close she will take you and kill you. I hoped this help!!!!! Or not? Either way good question

  • I was thinking of daring my friend doing this. Honestly I think this is complete bull and I don’t belive in demons, ghost or spirts w/e. Sorry if I’m being rude. But I just want to know..does it work and is it safe?

  • o_O omg thts a bit freakyy this is why i take SHOWERS!!!!! lol i know a few people who would do this and then be like oh hey man hop in :D lol my bro has introduced me to some straaaaaange people in my life…. :D love those peoples

  • lol imagin how hard it would be just to pee. id be like:”I NEED MY PRIVACY,MA’M!!!!!!”

  • if i did (which i will NEVER) do, every time i would see her id be like OH SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and run for my life

  • @Skarrygirl

    Haha I am so trying it, I’d be so fun and like i’d tell my friend id be scared as heck! Imma try. SHOULD I TRY IT?

  • Funnily enough I wouldn’t let an evil dead girl into my bath thanks very much… Even if it makes baths a lot more interesting :D

    @scarybearybloodymary – nice! It should be a movie or something; “warner bros. presents the enchanting story of two evil spirits on the prowl for dim-witted souls… until one day, when everything changed for the first time ever and these two demonic spirits met. Along the way there’s friendship, laughter, true love, not to mention the occasional freaky kill! This is the heart-warming (and heart-pumping) tale of… ‘midnight and the bathtub’ ” XD

  • I’m scared as heck now. And i didn’t even do it and i’m not going to bed and i’m lucky i don’t have a bathtub or metal in my bathroom or else i would go, I’d be too scared.. OMG. I would freak the heck out and die of scared not because of be killed D= i so scared help me!

  • mayb the games r creepy together but i thnk if the Midnight man and Daruma-san meet mayb they could fall n love and stop haunting ppl cuz they both may hve been singel when they were alive. they cood hve ghost babies o_O ssooooooooo ccccuuuttttteeee little tiny ghost babies haunting ppl. i mean u hve to admit tht it is a bit adorable to hve a baby following u but it cood b a killer like its parents. :P – :D- :O

  • what do u mean “do not allow the ghost to trip you”?your eyes are CLOSED!u hav no idea what the ghost is doing

  • @docter uhhhh you cant -_- the midnight man is at midnight and dhurama san is in your dreams at midnight so they will never meet :(. but i would want to see them fight it would be wierd :P

  • OMG i tried AND IT WAS SCARY!! i really did do it and i always glimpsed back and saw her. during classes she was a few feet behind me and i was like oh sheesh oh sheesh until the bell rang. after it rang i didnt wait for the teacher to leave. I shouted out righttt after our class was dismissed TOMARE!!!!!!!! and ran to the basketball court. I SERIOUSLY THINK YOU SHOULD NOT PLAY THIS!!

  • I dont get why anyone would play that. who the hell would just let a ghost stalk them and maybe kill them, thats like letting a stranger stalk you. anyway creepy game:)

  • Sounds a lot like the Midnight Game! What would happen if I play both games at once? Would the Midnight Man and Daruma-San start fighting each other?

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