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The Backpacker is a scary story about a young man who goes traveling in a remote region of China and encounters a danger he never expected.


There was a 21-year old man loved to travel to exotic countries. After a while, he grew bored of the usual holiday destinations and wanted a trip that would be more exciting.

His plan was to backpack around South-East Asia for a few months. He thought that it would be a great experience to feel the freedom of traveling through remote areas, crossing mountains and meeting random people along the way.

His first destination was China. When his plane landed in Beijing, the only luggage he had was the small backpack he was carrying. However, the young man didn’t want to stay for very long in the hustle and bustle of a huge Chinese city. He was eager to explore the hills and valleys of the vast country.

The young man had an idea that he was sure would turn his little backpacking trip into a much more interesting adventure. He decided to randomly hop on a bus without having any idea where it was going. Not knowing the destination made it feel like he was taking a mystery tour around China. Every time the bus reached the end of the line, he would hop off and randomly catch another bus, never knowing or caring where it would take him.

After a few weeks, he found himself traveling around some of the most remote regions in China. It was an area that tourists seldom visited. The man was delighted to be passing through all the tiny villages and having the opportunity to see how the rural Chinese people really lived.

One day, he found himself traveling on yet another bus, passing through yet another remote area. When they set out, the bus was empty, but after six stops, a large crowd of people got on and it was filled to capacity.

After a while, he noticed that the other passengers kept looking at him strangely. The young man also thought it was odd that they chose to stand instead of sitting down in the vacant seat next to him.

At the next stop, a beautiful Chinese woman boarded the bus. She looked around and when she saw the young backpacker, her eyes suddenly grew wide with shock. When she hurried down the aisle and sat down beside him, he was a bit surprised too.

Suddenlt, the woman nudged him and whispered, “Do you know where you are going?”

“I have no idea,” replied the man with a smile. “I’m just backpacking around the country. I got on this bus without looking at the destination.”

“Well, I must warn you that you are in grave danger,” she said.

“Why?” asked the man.

“The next stop is the end of the line,” said the woman. “It is a small village that has an awful reputation. The people who live there prey on Western tourists who become lost. They are cannibals.”

The man couldn’t believe what she was saying. At first, he thought she must be joking, but when he looked at her face, he could not even detect the smallest hint of a smile.

“Surely you can’t be serious,” he said.

“What I am telling you is the truth,” replied the woman. “If you are wise, you will take heed of what I tell you. Everyone in this area has heard the horrible tales of what goes on in this village. In my language, it is called The Man-Eating Village.”

The woman’s words shocked the young backpacker to his very core. He found himself lost for words.

“If you don’t believe me, just look around,” she continued. “Almost all of the passengers on this bus are from that village.”

The young man looked up and realized that all of the other passengers were staring at him hungrily and licking their lips.

“When the bus reaches the end of the line, you will be on their territory,” said the woman. “No one will be able to save you. They will take hold of you and eat you alive.”

The backpacker broke out into a cold sweat. He could see the murderous look in the eyes of the slavering Chinese villagers. He had to escape before the bus reached the village.

Just then, he felt the bus begin to slow down as it ascended a steep mountain road.

“This is our chance,” said the woman. “Let’s go.”

She grabbed him by the hand and they ran down the aisle to the back of the bus before the other passengers had a chance to react. The woman pulled the handle of the emergency exit and then jumped out. The backpacker was right behind her and leaped through the narrow opening.

He crashed onto the dirt road, then rolled over and picked himself up. He saw the woman jump across a ditch and run off. He followed her, running as fast as he could.

They escaped into the mountains as the angry yells of the other passengers echoed behind them. The man fled for his life, scrambling up the steep mountain slope, desperate to evade the hungry cannibals who were pursuing him.

Eventually, the Chinese villagers gave up the chase and returned to the bus. The man was exhausted but he was overjoyed that he had managed to escape their ravenous clutches. As he lay on a large rock, trying to catch his breath, he heard the woman laughing softly to herself.

“Now I can eat alone,” she said.


  • Chinese woman: “Now I can eat alone…”
    Chinese woman: *takes out a huge meal from under her cheongsam*
    Westerner: ._. “What are you doing?”
    Chinese woman: *Looks up while grossly devouring her meal in surprise*

  • The man may have pushed the woman to escape. However, that may only work if the woman has less strength than the man.

  • Oh damn, if I hadn’t read one of the comments, I’d have been caught off guard COMPLETELY. But I loved the plot twist because it still surprised me! 10 out of 10!

  • Thought the man is lucky to be saved.. then it came…. bang!!!!! Freaky monster, what’s he gonna going to do now!!!!!

  • I thought she was a ghost that rescued others before they ended up there.. whoops. I was wrong!

  • I totally saw that coming. Think about it: Why was the woman on the bus to the Cannibal village if she was trying to help you get away from the people? I kind of saw something like this coming, but I loved how you built the tension.

  • I knew it! I knew the woman would do that! I mean like duh…. If she knew she’d go to a cannibal city why’d she be riding the bus? It was pretty obvious but I really like this story SFK! Much creativity! I like it! <3 :)

  • If you think about it everybody’s comment is first my comment is the first today now everybody can stop saying their comment is first.

  • I knew she was a cannibal! when they say a beautiful woman comes, there’s probably somethin wrong with her…..

  • Not the best ending. The man could kill the woman if he packs the right gear and bingo, at least one week of food for him until he gets to civilization.

  • Wow what a very interesting and spooky storey! Wasnt really expecting an ending like that which adds to the epicness.

  • wow i would be a little scared when she was about to eat him but noneone said she had a weapon and i think the man would have a 60 70 perent of liveing because its man on man and who knows he problaby has a pocket nife in his bag so ha ha i AM a smart blondey

  • It Was Kinda Obvious… Like Why Would The Woman Get On The “Cannibal Bus”? If She Got On And Was Not A Cannibal Others Would Not Be A Cannibal Too! Because She Said They Eat Western Tourists Not Chinese People Which Means There Should Have Been Others That Were Not Cannibals. And The Story Said Evryone On The Bus Were Cannibals (Not Literaly But In A Meaningful Way). So That Made It Kinda Obvious That She Was A Cannibal.
    But Good Story Though

  • Dead Girl XXx I Agree With You SFK Should Keep Postin Stories Evryday, And Thanks Members For Writing Stories For Us To Read!

  • Thanks SFK, for posting more each day :D Keep it up! :3
    That woman…. i never even thought that she could be so evil O_O And totally agreed to griffin88 and xXPhantomFangWolfXx :O LOL i thought she was just a person who rescues people from them :O

  • Wow, I was so oblivious. Griffin88 has a good point, and at first I thought she was a ghost who came back to rescue people. I was about at wrong as it gets! XP

  • If I was the man I’d be wondering why in the world was /she/ on that bus if the last stop was the village.
    I mean come on. Guy deserved to die if he didn’t see that coming.

  • I AM 4TH! I would probably get out of there really fast because I am not becoming cannibal dinner that night.

  • This was indeed scary and I liked it. I knew the girl was up to no good and thought to myself that she’s done this before, luring men away before they reached the village. You did well to describe the travel into a remote area and built the tension up. But…I have to say that the last line rather disappointed me with the ha ha in front of it. Without, it would have been quite chilling.

    Scaryforkids says: Thanks Aurelia. I’ll take your advice and remove the cheesy “ha ha” :D

  • yess i am third=)If I was that dude I would get out of there and pick up the best weapon around!

  • I’m second :) !!!! This is disturbing, but surely one who travels and hikes can maul a cannibal, I mean cannabalism comes with deteriorating strengthl

  • yay i am the first soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy right now i feel like i won a 1000000000 dollars
    ok the feeling is gone darn

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