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Future Husband

Future Husband

Future Husband is a spooky urban legend from Japan about a fortune-telling game that allows you to see the face of the person you are destined to marry.

Future Husband

For years, a mysterious fortune-telling game has been very popular with teenage girls in Japan. They call it “Future Husband” or “Futute Spouse”. According to the legend, if you play the game, you will find out who you will marry.

They say that the game must be played with all lights off, beside a window, in the moonlight. If you place a razor blade in your mouth at midnight, and look into a basin filled with water, you will see the face of your future husband or wife reflected in the water.

(Warning: Do not play this game. It is dangerous. You could cut your mouth and end up looking like The Slit Mouth Woman.)

One high school girl heard about the fortune-telling game and decided to try it out immediately. The girl had never had a boyfriend and was worried that she would never fall in love. Her worst nightmare was that she would never get married. Her love-sick curiosity made her desperate to find out what her future husband would look like.

She took one of her father’s razor blades from her parents’ bathroom cabinet. Then she took a basin from the kitchen cupboard and filled it with water. Finally, she turned off the lights, opened the curtains and waited until the clock struck midnight. Carefully placing the razor blade in her mouth, she cautiously peered into the basin.

In the water, she saw a man’s face staring back at her.

The girl was so surprised that she let out an involuntary scream. At the same time, the razor dropped out of her mouth and fell into the basin. The water became stained with a red color, like blood. The girl recoiled in fright and started trembling.

A few moments later, when she looked into the basin again, the water was crystal clear and the razor was sitting at the bottom. The girl was confused. Was it just an illusion? Had her eyes been playing tricks on her? Had she really seen a face or had it just been the moon’s reflection in the water? The girl decided to forget about it and went to bed.

The years passed quickly and the girl grew into an adult. She left school, attended university and eventually found a job. She also began dating a nice man. It was her first boyfriend and he was very gentle and receptive to her wishes. He had a friendly personality, was always witty and funny and the fact that he made a lot of money certainly didn’t hurt.

However, there was one thing about him that was very strange. He always kept his face hidden behind a large, white surgical mask. In Japan, it is not unusual to see some people wearing masks like this to prevent catching colds. Indeed, when they first met, the man explained that he had a cold and didn’t want her to catch it. At the time, she accepted the explanation, but as the months passed, he continued to wear the mask and never took it off.

Every time they met or went on a date, the man would be wearing the mask. If she ever asked him to remove it, he would angrily refuse. Despite the strange situation with the mask, the girl came to love this man more and more. Finally, the day came when he asked her to marry him.

The girl began to think. How can you marry someone when you have never seen their face? There aren’t supposed to be any secrets between husbands and wives. What could he be hiding from her? She was confident that her feelings for him would not change, no matter what he looked like under the mask.

One night, the girl took him aside and told him that she would only marry him if he trusted her enough to show her his face. She asked him to remove the mask. At first, the man refused, but when the girl insisted, he eventually gave in.

He turned his back to her and slowly unhooked the mask from around his ears. Then, he suddenly spun around to face her and the girl gasped in horror.

His face was horribly disfigured by a large scar that ran from his eye, down his cheek and across his mouth to his chin. The wound was so deep that it looked as if it had been gouged with a sharp knife. It was painful to look at.

“What’s wrong with your face?” she asked timidly. “What happened to you?”

The man’s eyes narrowed in anger. His face bore a hateful expression.

“You should know,” he growled. “You dropped the razor blade!”

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