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School Bullying

School Bullying

School Bullying is a horror story about a boy who was tormented and bullied by three classmates before he died in the school bathroom.

School Bullying

There was a 15-year old boy who attended a school in a small town in Ohio. Most of the other teenagers in his class regarded him with disdain and referred to him as “The Geek”. The boy was painfully thin, wore large thick glasses, spoke with a pronounced lisp and had a bad case of acne. He wasn’t particularly unpopular, he was just ignored by most of his classmates.

Because the geek didn’t have any friends, he spent most of his free time sitting alone in the classroom, listening to music or playing games on his smart phone. Being shy, quiet and lacking in social skills made him a frequent target for bullying.

There were three bullies in the school who constantly picked on the boy. They made the geek’s life a living hell and showed him no mercy whatsoever. Every day, the bullies would find some new way to torture or humiliate the unfortunate wretch. It was as if they took great pleasure in seeing him suffer.

One day, the geek went into the boy’s bathroom alone. While he was washing his hands, the three bullies walked in. Bored and seeking entertainment, the trio decided that it was the perfect time to play a little game with the geek. They grabbed hold of him and dragged him into one of the cubicles.

Two of the bullies picked the boy up by the legs and shoved his head into the toilet bowl. The other bully began flushing the toilet. The poor geek was twisting and turning and flailing his hands, but the bullies just forced his head deeper into the toilet. The sounds of him spluttering and struggling to breathe made them laugh uncontrollably.

After they had their fun, the bullies let go of the boy’s legs. They were shocked when his limp body collapsed on the tiled floor. His mouth was slack and his eyes were glazed over. He wasn’t breathing. The horrible realization began to dawn on them and the three boys began to panic. They had accidentally killed the geek.

The bullies never planned for this to happen and frantically tried to figure out what to do. They didn’t want to get caught, so they broke into the janitor’s closet and stole a hacksaw. There, huddled in the grimy toilet cubicle, they sawed the geek’s corpse into three pieces. Then, they removed one of the bathroom’s ceiling tiles and stuffed his dismembered body parts into the dark recess.

After that, the bullies fetched a mop and cleaned up all the blood on the floor. They replaced the ceiling tile and ran out of the bathroom, hoping the dead boy’s remains would never be discovered. The bullies made a pact with eachother, swearing that they would never tell anyone what had happened that day.

For a while, all went well for the three remorseless bullies. The geek’s parents came to the school looking for him and he was eventually reported to the police as a missing person. Everyone assumed he had been kidnapped on the way home. Nobody suspected that he had been murdered by his own classmates.

One morning, the three bullies arrived for class and sat down at their desks. When the boys lifted the lids of their desks, they suddenly started screaming and ran out the door. Within seconds, the rest of the students were freaking out and fleeing th classroom as well.

In one bully’s desk, there was pair of dismembered legs. Sitting in the second bully’s desk was a decapitated torso. The third bully’s desk held the geek’s severed head.

This gruesome discovery struck fear into every teacher and student in the school. The police were called in to investigate and evidence led them directly to the three bullies. The boys were promptly arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison. Today, they sit alone in their cells and endure constant bullying from the bigger, tougher, older prison inmates.

The school is still open, but the bathroom where the boy died is now kept under lock and key. Nobody is allowed to go in there anymore because too many students had terrifying experiences when they went into the toilet alone.

Some of them reported seeing bloodstains on the floor and the uneasy feeling that someone was watching them. Others have heard a boy screaming in the bathroom, even though it was completely empty. They say that if you look under the stall doors, you can see feet there, despite the fact that the cubicle is unoccupied.

According to the legend, if you go in the boys’ bathroom, stand at the sink, look into the mirror and say, “I know who killed you”, you will catch a glimpse of the geek standing behind you.

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  • @witch I’m sorry. To the people who published this: I wish I was a boy to do it. I would probably be his friend.

  • Cool story! I love the ones about people who were bullied and eventually got revenge, even if they were dead. I feel sorry for anyone who’s been bullied. I’ve been bullied, but it stopped a couple years ago. 8/10 severed heads.

  • A whole bunch of people are like that in my school. They never killed anybody, but they came close to killing me and raping me.

  • There was a bully at my school who was the worst, but he finally got expelled after he flipped off the music teacher and punched the principal.

  • those bullies are seriously thick in the head, what do they expect? the boy to breathe perfectly fine after being drowned in shiz and pizz water??

  • Poor guy. I hate bullies. I have been bullied for my whole life. Still being bullied. I am 15 and am bullied by a girl who used to be my best friend. I feel bad for the boy. And even though it was the three boys fault I feel bad for them because they were bullied by the other criminals…

  • There were 3 bullies on my bus they got expelled though, thankfully. They didn’t know when to shut up. But good story!

  • Poor boy. What fun do bullies have in tormenting others ? Sad story though. My friend once told me how she once bullied a girl and I haven’t spoken to her since then. My family does not know about how she is and thinks what a sweet little girl she is. : (

  • I hate bullies plus when I was in 1st. grade I use to get bullied by this girl but that was years ago I haven’t seen that girl again so I don’t think about her anymore.

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