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Fathers Day Gift

Fathers Day Gift

The Father’s Day Gift is a spooky tale about a teenage boy who is left home alone when his dad goes away on a trip.

Fathers Day Gift

In a large city in France, there was a teenage boy who lived alone with his father. Ever since his mother died when he was a child, he had come to depend more and more on his father. However, his father had to travel frequently on business trips, so they were not able to spend much time together.

Father’s Day was approaching and the boy decided that he would save up and buy his dad an expensive gift. He felt sure that this display of affection would show his father how much he loved him.

One day, his father took him aside and said, “Son, I have to go away on another business trip. I will be gone for about a week and I will return on Father’s Day.”

The son was disappointed but he said, “When you come back, I’ll have a special gift for you, Dad.”

Patting him on the shoulder, his father said, “And when you see me again, I will have an extra-special gift for you. Now, while I’m away, I hope I can count on you to be responsible. Take care of the house, keep it clean and tidy and above all, don’t go into the attic.”

When the son asked why, the father frowned and simply replied, “It’s a mess up there.”

With that, he embraced his son and left.

For the first three days, everything went well. The son was able to do whatever he wanted. He spent his time playing video games all day, watching TV until all hours and eating whatever food took his fancy. However, remembering his father’s words, he made a special effort to keep the house clean and tidy.

On the third night, the boy was awakened from a dream by a strange voice that seemed to echo through the house. He couldn’t make out what the voice was saying, but was muttering and moaning.

Gathering his couage, the boy got out of bed and walked out onto the staircase. The voice suddenly stopped and an eerie silence enveloped the house. The boy looked down and spotted something at the bottom of the stairs.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he realized there was a shadowy human figure standing there.

Overcome by fear, the young man let out a piercing scream and ran back into his bedroom. He climbed out the window and ran down the street. Then, he took out his mobile phone and called the police.

Fifteen minutes later, a police car pulled up in his driveway and he met the two officers as they got out of the car. The boy led them up to the front door, but when he turned the key in the lock and the door swung open, the staircase was empty. The shadowy figure was nowhere to be seen.

The police went upstairs and made a cursory search of the house. When they found nothing amiss, they came back down and began laughing at the boy’s terrified behavior. On their way out, they told him not to waste their time with foolish pranks. That night, the boy locked his bedroom door and fell back into an uneasy slumber.

The next day, he went to visit his girlfriend, who lived a few minutes away. He spent most of the day with her and told her all about the shadowy apparition he had seen the night before. She convinced him that he had probably allowed his imagination to get the better of him. That night, as he returned to his own house, he felt a little more relaxed and went to sleep peacefully.

In the middle of the night, he was again awakened by the strange mumbling sounds. Shaking with fear, he hid under the bedclothes and tried to convince himself that it was all just a bad dream. But as the voice grew louder, he reluctantly got up to investigate.

The voice seemed to be coming from the attic. Nervously, the boy unlocked the attic door and peeked inside.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he was horrified to see a severed human arm lying on the floor. It looked as if it had been savagely ripped from its socket.

The terrified teenager fled from the house and ran down the street. His heart was beating fast and sweat was pouring down his forehead. Finally, he arrived at his girlfriend’s house and began pounding on the front door. His girlfriend’s parents let him in and asked him what was wrong. The boy refused to tell them what he had seen.

For the next two days, he stayed with his girlfriend. Her parents cooked him meals and tried to ease his fears. When Father’s Day arrived, the boy once again returned home to await the return of his beloved dad.

He waited all day and by midnight, when his father had still not arrived, the boy began to get worried. Just as he was wondering why his father hadn’t called, his mobile phone began to vibrate. Looking down, he was relieved to see his father’s phone number.

When he answered the phone, he was shocked to hear a hoarse voice, muttering and moaning.

“Dad, is that you?” asked the boy.

There was no answer. Just more muttering and growling.

“Dad, is everything OK?” he said.

“Attic,” muttered the voice. “Attic.”

Grabbing a broom for protection, the boy nervously made his way to the attic. When he opened the door, he saw something lying on the floor. It was the severed human arm. Cautiously stepping over it, the boy spotted various body parts scattered around the attic. There was a severed leg, another severed arm and a bloody torso in the corner.

Bravely, the teenager moved further into the attic. There, on the ground, he spotted a severed head. He reached out with his broom and gingerly turned the head over.

To his horror, he recognized the face of his father.

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  • I think that the guy who was “pretending” to be the kid’s father was really an imposter, and the real dad was dead the entire time, lying in the attic. Thank god I don’t have an attic or basement

  • The other dad was an imposter posing as the boys dad. The fake dad kidnapped the real dad, locked him up in the attic and killed him.

  • Seems as if the “father” he said good-bye too a few days earlier was the real murderer who made an escape……

  • Yeeeaaa, like I said in the story “Padestian Crossing” A very confused vamp here.

  • mv80: i kinda dont get it at first i didnt know were your torso is but i looked it up
    its actualy kinda cool how they put all this stuff on this website plus how do they find it

    aama: I didn’t get it but it was an okay story. I don’t get how the father got there when he left and who killed him. It is very confusing.

  • i dont get it whats the gift and who called him to go to the attic was the shadowy figure his father or a killer??? so many questions unanswered!

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