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Woodchester Mansion stands isolated in a valley at the edge of the Cotswolds in England. The terrifying history of the mansion is steeped in witchcraft.

Woodchester Mansion

The mysterious Woodchester Mansion was built by an equally mysterious man – William Leigh. They say he chose to build at Woodchester because it was the site of an ancient pagan altar. Rumors abound that William Leigh was a believer in witchcraft and built the mansion as a place to practice his strange black magic rituals.

He never completed work on the mansion and abandoned it suddenly in the 1870s, under mysterious circumstances. It has lain vacant ever since.

Locals say that, during construction of the mansion, workers were attacked by unseen entities within the walls of the old place. Evil spirits threw their tools around and knocked the workers to the ground. One young boy was working on a ladder when he was suddenly thrown off by an unseen force. He fell to his death on the rocky ground below. After that, workers refused to set foot within the building.

But in the years that followed, the empty house had visitors. They say that it was used by others who believed in black magic and witchcraft. In the dead of night, they gathered at Woodchester Mansion to perform weird and evil rituals. According to locals, the mansion is cursed.

Woodchester Mansion

When William Leigh died, his son said that the mansion must be destroyed to exorcize the evil that lay within its walls. But he calimed that construction of the mansion would have to be completed before it could be destroyed properly. Unfortunately Mr Leigh lacked the funds to complete the mansion so instead he abansoned it and warned everyone in the area to stay far away from it.

During World War 2, a group of 20 soldiers on patrol were stationed in Woodchester mansion. They were plagued at night by strange sounds and odd shadows moving about the structure of the old building. Eventually, the terrified soldiers radioed their commanding officer and he ordered them to move to a new location.

Eager to leave the haunted mansion far behind them, the soldiers built a pontoon bridge so they could cross the nearby lake. As they walked across the bridge, it collapsed beneath them. The soldiers fell into the murky waters of the lake and were dragged down into the depths by the weight of their equipment. All 20 soldiers drowned and it is said that they were victims of the curse of Woodchester mansion.

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