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Barton Mansion Ghost Video

Barton Mansion Ghost Video

Barton Mansion is one of the oldest houses in Redlands, California. Paranormal experts claim it is the most haunted house in California.


The Legend of Barton Mansion

Barton Mansion was built in 1859 on the site of an old Indian burial ground by Dr. Ben Barton. The bricks used to build the mansion were made from clay dug up from the burial grounds. He was warned not to do this by people in the area familiar with Indian customs, but he would not listen to them. Shortly after Dr. Barton and his wife moved into the mansion, their two young daughters died under mysterious circumstances. Locals claimed the deaths were caused by Dr. Barton’s desecration of the Indian cemetery.

In his grief and madness, Dr. Barton became involved with Freemasonry and Satanic worship. Evidence of this activity was found in the mansion after Dr. Barton’s mysterious death. The house was abandoned for decades and police found a number of dead bodies inside the house.

The Ghost of Barton Mansion

In 2001 a group of four local teenagers decided to explore the old mansion to see if it was really haunted. On their first visit they found a piece of raw meat lying on the basement floor surrounded by a circle of stones. As they moved upstairs, they noticed the temperature getting hotter and hotter the further up they went. Spooked by this, they stopped exploring at the first floor and retreated to their vehicle and went home.

The next night, two of the teenagers remained curious about the old mansion and went back, bringing a video camera with them. The two guys went up to the second floor where they had stopped the night before. As they walked down the darkened hallway, they saw a door on their left that was slightly open. Through the crack, they could make out a mysterious shape lying on the floor…

This is the video footage they took on that night. Watch it to find out what they saw, and what caused them to run screaming from the mansion in terror for their lives…

The Barton Mansion Ghost Video

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