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Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island has a reputation for being haunted. It was built in 1894 and is filled with treasures and antiques like haunted chairs, ghostly armor, a possessed statue, and a haunted mirror.


Belcourt is most famous for its haunted chair. Supposedly if you try to sit in one of the haunted chairs you’ll feel resistance, while trying to take a seat in the other may just get you tossed out of it.

Some visitors have reported feeling chills race up and down their spine while standing near the chairs, others have reported strange sensations of energy moving across their hands.

There is also a screaming suit of armor in the Gothic ballroom. The original owner of the armor was killed by a spear entering the visor’s eye slit. People claim the owner’s screams can still sometimes be heard around the time he died in March. There’s also a carving of a monk is also supposedly haunted by its ghostly counterpart and a haunted mirror that is truly baffling as you cannot see your reflection in it.

scary for kids


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