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Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, Indiana is a haunted place with a terrible and frightening history. It is located near Luoisville, Kentucky.


One autumn night, back in 1888, lightning struck Culbertson Mansion, causing a fire that torched most of the interior and killed everyone inside. For years afterwards, everyone refused to live in the Mansion, claiming the place was haunted by the souls of those who perished in the fire.

The tragic building remained an empty shell until 1933, when Culbertson Mansion was bought by a Dr. Harold Webb. The doctor moved in with his family and set up a doctor’s practice in the home where he treated a number of patients.

Over time, the Webb children started to tell stories of a dark man entering their rooms at night through the walls. Noises were heard underneath the house. Sounds of clanging chains, screams and horrible smells would come up through the floor. Dr. Webb and his wife dismissed the children’s stories at first, but they could not dispute the sounds and smells coming from the rooms downstairs.

Dr. Webb went down and investigated the lower level, telling his family to wait for him upstairs. When he came back up, he told them he could find no evidence of anything unusual in the basement. But the children’s stories of a nightly visitor continued, as did the horrible sounds and odors.

During this time, several of Dr. Webb’s patients were reported missing and Dr. Webb became increasingly agitated and angry. Eventually, Dr. Webb’s behavior caused his business to suffer as more and more patients refused to visit him.

In 1934, one of Dr. Webb’s few remaining patients arrived for an appointment and found the home locked. She called the police, who broke down the front door and were confronted with a terrible sight. The house was littered with dead bodies. The entire Webb family had been horribly murdered.

A full search of the house revealed an even more macabre and mysterious scene. The basement level of the house held secret passageways and hidden rooms where the doctor had kept the missing patients and performed gruesome experiments on them.

After the investigation, the house was boarded up and has remained vacant ever since. In 1987, it was opened as a haunted attraction, where people can visit and be taken on ghost tours. Even current staff and volunteers at the Mansion have reported strange happenings over the years and a few have even refused to work in the building.

scary for kids

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