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Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota is still haunted by a tragic history of murders and fraud. They say it is the most haunted house in Minnesota and it is sometimes known as Congdon Mansion.

Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen Mansion was owned by a rich woman named Elizabeth Congdon, who inherited her fortune from her father. Although she never married, Elizabeth adopted a little girl and named her Marjorie. The lonely woman wanted a child to share her life with, but it would prove to be a fatal mistake.

Marjorie was always the black sheep of the family, as she constantly borrowed money from her mother and treated her very poorly. Marjorie even spent time in mental institutions and married a number of men. No matter how much money Elizabeth gave her daughter, it was never enough. Marjorie always wanted more.

One morning, in 1977, Elisabeth Congdon was found murdered in her own bed. She had been suffocated with a satin pillow while she slept. Her nurse, Velma Pietila, had also been killed. Her body was lying on the staircase and her head had been bashed in with a candlestick. A basket of jewelry was missing from the bedroom.

Marjorie was found wearing her mother’s ring after the murders and she was arrested by the police. Unfortunately, they were never able to solve the murders and had to let Marjorie go. Locals in Duluth, Minnesota still believe that the greedy and ungrateful Marjorie had formed a plan to murder her own mother to get her inheritance early.

Ever since, there have been sightings of Elizabeth Congdon’s ghost in Glensheen Mansion. It is said that an eerie black, shadowy figure has been seen walking about the basement. Lights turn on and off by themselves and pieces of jewelry have been seen rolling back and forth across the dresser in the room where Elizabeth Congdon died. Some reports even claim that the two dead women have been seen standing in the upstairs windows, looking out at passers-by.


Tourists taking pictures of outside of the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota, found something strange in one of the photos. Looking out of the window on the upper right of the photo, there appeared to be the figure of an elderly lady. This was the very bedroom in which Elizabeth Congdon was murdered.

One employee who was on a ladder, felt a tugging at his ankles. The man turned around quickly only to find that no one was there. Many visitors climbing the grand staircase have reported feeling light headed. Remember, this is the spot where the nurse, Velma was murdered.

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