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Vinoy Hotel

Vinoy Hotel

The Vinoy Hotel in St Petersburg, Florida is a holiday resort that is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a lady in white and a man in a top hat. Apparently, they appear on the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel.

Vinoy Hotel

The Vinoy Renaissance Hotel was built in 1926 by Aymer Vinoy Laughner. Some guests who stay there report hearing strange noises in their rooms. Doors often open and close of their own accord and they find their clothes have been mysteriously moved around. One man who stayed there overnight awoke to find the door to his room standing wide open when he knew he had locked it before retiring to bed.

They say that sometimes, when you take the elevator on your own, strange things can happen. If you press the button for your floor, all of the buttons will light up except for the number five. Then, the elevator will go straight up to the fifth floor and when the doors open, you will find nothing but an empty hallway.

The 5th floor of the hotel is believed to be haunted by a ghost they call The Lady in White. She has been seen gliding down hallways, dressed in a flowing, transparent gown, with a look of sorrow and dismay on her face.

One man woke up in the middle of the night and got the strangest feeling that he wasn’t alone in his room. Opening his eyes, he saw a glowing figure in the corner. It was a woman, dressed in white clothing that appeared to be from the 1930s. The woman just stared at him and gradually she faded and disappeared.

According to local lore, she is the ghost of Elsie Elliot, a socialite who was murdered by her wealthy husband when he pushed her down a flight of stairs.

A married couple who spent a night at the Vinoy Hotel had a very creepy experience. In the middle of the night, they saw the artwork hanging above their bed come to life. The painting depicted a woman in a white dress holding a basket. The couple claim they saw the woman’s hand desperately clawing the glass, trying to get out.

The most reportedly haunted area of the hotel is the 4th floor and many people have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man in a top hat and wearing a tuxedo. Whenever someone tries to talk to him, he simply disappears into thin air.

One man was woken up by the feeling of something heavy pressing down on him. He was struggling to breathe and had the strangest feeling that someone was watching him. When he opened his eyes, he saw the figure of a tall man, dressed in a top hat and a long coat, standing by the curtains. The ghost was just staring at him. As soon as he turned on the light, the figure vanished.

Ghost Hunters visited the Vinoy Hotel in 2008 to investigate the claims of paranormal happenings. Jason woke up in the middle of the night to hear a voice apparently coming from his closet, not once but twice in just a couple of minutes. The voice was purported to be saying, “Just Leave Here!”

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