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Spider Gates

Spider Gates

Spider Gates Cemetery is a haunted place in Leicester, Massachusetts. It has a fearsome reputation and according to legend, it is said to contain the eighth gate to hell.

Spider Gates

Spider Gates Cemetery lies on a forgotten dirt road in Leicester, Massachusetts. The real name of the graveyard is “Friends Cemetery” but the locals call it “Spider Gates” because of the unique spider’s web design on its wrought iron gates. It is a private cemetery owned by The Worcester-Pleasant Street Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, a Quaker group.

Over the years, Spider Gates Cemetery has developed a fearsome reputation. They say that when you enter the graveyard, there is a tall tree standing by the gate and an old rope still hangs from its branches. Apparently, a teenage boy committed suicide in the 1980s by hanging himself from this very tree. Beneath the spot where he hung himself, there is a patch of ground where the grass will not grow.

In the middle of the cemetery, there is a barren, flat outcropping that is known to local people as “The Altar”. It is said to be used by devil worshippers who perform satanic rituals and occult sacrifices there.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a cave nearby where a young girl was killed and dismembered as part of a satanic ritual. If you listen carefully, you will sometimes hear something or someone roaring and moaning in the woods. Strange, disembodied voices are often heard and things rustle in the trees even when there is no wind. White stuff oozes from the ground and if you turn over rocks in an area outside the cemetery wall, you will find occult runes etched on them.

It is said that the satanic rituals and the tragic event of the boy’s suicide combined to create a gate to hell within the cemetery.

According to legend, there are 7 gates to hell, located in various haunted places around the United States. They say that Spider Gates Cemetery contains the eighth gate to hell.

Apparently, Spider Gates Cemetery has seven hidden gates. You have to find each gate and pass through them in succession to reach the eighth gate. As you pass through each gate, the cemetery becomes more dark and oppressive. When you finally reach the eighth gate there is no turning back.

This is the gate that leads to hell.

If you somehow make it back out, they say the demons will follow you for the rest of your days, until they drive you insane.

According to one story, a group of three teenage boys decided to head out to Spider Gates cemetery one night, to test out the legend. I was growing dark and when they arrived at the graveyard, the boys were immediately gripped by fear. As they made their way through the wrought-iron gates, they saw tombstones sticking out of the ground at odd angles. It was like no other cemetery they had ever seen.

The boys wandered around the cemetery and eventually found the second and third gates. They got the strangest feeling that someone was watching them and heard mysterious footsteps in the trees. Once they passed through the fourth gate, a disembodied voice was heard drifting through the graveyard, but they couldn’t make out what it was saying.

When they went through the fifth gate, something cried out in the woods. It sounded like the dying scream of a small child. One of the boys lost his nerve and ran back to the safety of the car. That left two of them. The screaming continued, growing louder and louder. Then, as they stepped through the sixth gate, everything suddenly went silent.

As soon as they went through the seventh gate, a deep growling noise rose up into the night. The boys were so frightened, they could barely move. Just then, they saw a black figure standing directly in front of them. The boys stood there, shaking in fear, until the dark figure started to move towards them. At that moment, they turned and ran as fast as they could.

The black figure was gaining on them and they thought they were going to pass out. When they reached their car, the growling stopped and the black figure disappeared. They jumped into the car and drove off into the night. When they got home safely, they just sat in the car, trembling, and made a vow never to return to the cemetery.

Note: You should not go to Spider Gates Cemetery, not just because it may be a portal that leads to hell, but because there are no tresspassing signs and the police patrol the area.

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  • Jeff and me go to spider gates
    Jeff:come on let’s go
    Me:uuuuhhhhhhh are you starting to feel creepy?
    Jeff:no why honey do you want to go home?
    Me:nnnnnooooooo I just feel creepy
    Jeff:okay let’s go
    We go to 8th gate
    Me:let’s go home
    Jeff:are you scared?
    Jeff:okay let’s go home
    Me:why are you scared too?(In demonic voice)
    Jeff:get in the car
    We get in the car and return home safely

  • I wanna know what sort of person would PURPOSELY try to find each gate to get to hell, especially when not only is there NO reward, but you’re haunted until you go insane if you make it out alive.

  • ‘I was growing dark and when they arrived at the graveyard, the boys were immediately gripped by fear.’

    Hey sfk, I think you make a mistakes there… But this story surely creepy

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