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Bell Telephone Company

Bell Telephone Company

The Michigan Bell Telephone Company is a haunted building in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a married couple who came to a tragic end on the site, many years ago.

Bell Telephone Company

The Michigan Bell Telephone Company was built on the site of an old mansion called The Judd-White House. In 1907, it was the home of a married couple named Warren and Virginia Randall.

Warren had a good job, working as a brakeman on the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad. However, they had only been living in Michigan for one year when Warren met with a horrible accident at work when he was run over by a train.

Although he survived the accident, he lost his leg and it was replaced with a wooden one. The loss of one of his limbs plunged him into a deep depression and he began acting strange and paranoid. The couple’s happy marriage was on rocky ground and Warren started accusing his wife of cheating on him and having affairs with men who had more legs than he did.

Their arguments often became violent and the police sometimes had to be called to the house to break up one of their fights. At one stage, Warren was arrested when he chased his wife down an alley while brandishing a straight razor and threatening her life. Virginia didn’t press charges against him and the case was dropped. However, later that summer, she finally found the courage to leave him.

One night, in the Summer of 1910, Warren somehow convinced Virginia into coming back to him. When she went into the house, the couple had one last argument and Warren ended up taking off his wooden leg and beating his wife to death with it. Then, he took out the straight razor that he had threatened his wife with once before and slashed his throat with it.

The disappearance of the couple went unnoticed for two entire weeks until workers from the office building next door eventually noticed a horrible stench coming from the house and reported it. When police broke open the door, they were nearly overcome by the noxious smell of decaying flesh. Inside, they discovered the two rotting corpses, lying side by side. They were so blackened with decay that they could only identified by Warren Randall’s wooden leg.

The tragic and disturbing tale of the Randall’s murder and suicide quickly spread around the city and the house was never occupied again. People who lived nearby said that the house was haunted and many reported seeing strange lights and hearing unexplained sounds coming from the old house.

Those who were brave enough to go inside and investigate claimed that they could hear a stange tap tap tap noise in the bedroom where the couple died. They say it is the sound of Warren Randall’s wooden leg thumping up and down. Others claimed they heard the blood-curdling screams of a woman. They say it is the voice of Virginia, begging her husband not to kill her.

Every child who grew up in the area was told by their parents not to play near the old, abandoned house. Ten years later, the house was purchased by the local phone company and it was torn down. On the site, they built The Michigan Bell Telephone Company office building in 1924.

Ever since the new building was built, residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan started receiving odd phone calls late at night. When the calls were eventually traced, they were found to be coming from within the phone company office building.

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